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Jay Parmar

Excellent video just what I was looking for — I have a 2018 no gap wall mount so was curious if this would work — great job

Phil Dawson

Can i ask you does this have DTS audio playback via the usb slot obviously playing a movie. I ask because samsung seem to have taken it out after the 2016 early 2017 models which i find an absolute disgrace even the high end 4k QLED tvs have had it taken out

Last Chaos New

viel spaß beim bildschirm putzen 😉

Jella Suman

Why don't you install no gap wall Mount dude can you reply...

Lee Lucas
Great job on the wall mounting as ever Dan and there was a few things I noticed here that caught my attention. I was quite surprised you took it on your own to put that 65 inch TV on that cheap wall mount too. I had to have somebody help me put my 50 Inch up, but mine was mounted a lot higher up on the wall than what you had here, and even though I did at first attempt to hang it by myself, my arms were aching way to much with the higher reach I had to do… Read more »
El Atalaya y el Olivo

Hay teĺly desde lima Perú good video🤗🤗😀😀

Martin86 Chitembo

The time looks superslim on the wall and doesn't stick out.nice job done.

Frank Hugh

Thanks once again Dan for allowing my wife to look at me with contemptuous eyes. Next time could you hang a telly and it be off kilter and scratch the wall up?

Adrian from Falkirk UK

Beautiful tv,better then my Q8FN,i will buy 8k tv only when ps5 comes out😉😉😉👍👍👍