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Silver G

Whats the difference between Q6F and Q7F ????

Bernard BJ Macon

How can I add my amazon fire tv to it and control it with the smart one remote. Also how can I control my inputs on my receiver?


Why the stand is different with official website

Jaroslav Gazi

how can you install a play store Thanks


I just saw this TV and fell in love right away... It's a bit out of what I want to spend so I'm hoping it's a deal on Amazon Prime Day. Thanks for the review.

Skeletor Five

Do you have a review to go with this unboxing.

Silver G

Does it have ambient mode ?
Can you put it in a No gap wall mount ?

Venomous Gaming

Getting this exact TV sometime this week! Can't wait to test it out on video games. Especially Assassin's Creed Origins since that's the most beautiful game I have right now. Can't fucken wait!!!

Console Gamer

Hey why is the q6 55 inch special edition $999.99 and the normal q6 is $1399.99. What's the difference in the special edition or is it missing features?

lisa burkhart

teriible set up video, dude explain where all the cable plub into


blocks ads.samsungads.com and samsungads.com with your router or using a DNS service to block "sponsored" ads that appear in the menus

Mike Palto

QLED IS THE BEST technologie...Oled IS for a a...hole...

Viktor MelniK

I got same tv 65" but mine never came with one conect box

Katie Love

Is there a tv wall mount for this model? I can only find ones for Q7F and up; not for Q6F


Watching this on a 55" version of THIS TV.

Ignacio Valens

I just bought this TV for my gaming but my mine a little bigger than this, unfortunately i have 2 wait in the mail 4 but my current TV is a 720p HD from MAGNAVOX 32inchs, it's great Little TV but I think it's time 4 an Upgrade cause I hear I missing out on great Graphics on ps4 all because I'm stuck from 720p. Very excited


Great 👍 Unboxing, Thanks 🙏 Andru , I might pick this one ☝️ up .


Input lag? Good bad horrible? Let me know legends... peace

Beatz tronics

Amazing tv for video games almost no input lag hdr really pops

Martin Heinlo

SmartThings app support? Voice action works only with the OneConnect box? And is that the remote of a Box or a TV? Thanks 🙂

joey holubeck

Mine never came with aconnect box is that normal?

carlos eduardo costa

hello, i have a question. This tv model is a 120hz native panel?


Why it is called "Special Edition"??? Anybody knows?

Ayman AL-Dhafri

What kind of hdmi should i will buy for q6f tv
Normal hdmi or hdmi 2.1


Andru Edwards

If you wanna see the higher-end model, here's my video on the Samsung Q8C #QLED TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaZH1qUGUCE — have you made the jump to 4K?

nounix 3

Hi, I have the Samsung Q7FN QLED TV and having 2 problems: 1. When I insert an external hard disk (the partitions need a password to unlock), I can't see how i can type my HD password on the TV in to unlock the disk and view my movies. Any ideas? 2. In each movie folder there is either an srt or a sub file for subltitles. How do I get my TV to read & use these subtitles?

Gaming King

Does all the q6f ends come with the one connect cuz some ppl saying it don't

Philippe Bigras

Hi, I realy have problems with this remote because I can't get to the secret menu I know you have To press info menu mute and power but I don't see info. HELP PLEASE.

PlaystakizanTeam HD

Does it support HDMI 2.0? IS IT SEIRES 8?