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steve morris

dude that is an At-games megadrive 2 it's not bootleg they did license it, sega did not care at that time. What you have is an early AT-games sega megadrive. The sound and speed issue with sonic still happen today in AT-games machines

nick roberts

these sell for around 26usd seen it as low as 20usd on ebay if they built this thing was built better i would be good


2:59 Look at that amazing "Soptware." Sop it up with a biscuit! Lol


Lets go check out another bootleg system.

Roger Branstetter

Hey Renebean. That sounds like one of those At Games product for the sega mega drive. I remember the exact same with the portable Sega genesis plug in and plays for most parts.

Ross Brian

I didn't watch the video yet but I have one with an SD card with all of the games on it and works good for me


ha ha ha. that maze game is so stupid that you can never lose in it. lol. great video it gets a like cause of that. lol.


Wings of War goes around $90 ish for a complete copy.Analogue just released the Mega SG console for $190 that's about as perfect as you'll get for playing Sega Genesis games on a HDTV.

Mike Tha Hype

bootleg that fresh cheap smell😎 gotta love it 10:03 lol

Vic Carter

Well actually this is an official console from Sega. It just never released it's a prototype. Very rare you got yourself a gold mine

Youngthrift King

I saw a Barbie Sonic hahahahaha 😂😂😂🤣

Dr.420 snipegang smokey

Geez if Sega actually licensed this I'd be very disappointed in them . but you're right its definitely bootleg console

john arthur

you need the mk2 converter not the mk1 to see if mastersystem games work

James Proveaux

Good stuff. Wish they would just say 5 games repeated 20 times.


yet another great video ,, feels like i havent commented in a yeAr lol

OverBoard Siege

It’s hard for you to find games that you don’t have, but it’s hard for me to find games I do have.