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Thank for the review which is good as always👍🏾


Mid-range only in price my friend. Performance is definitely high-end.


Thanks! A Comparision between the Samsung Q90R & the Sony X950G would be really interesting.


I'll keep my x930e. Maybe next year will yield better results.

sadie adler

This girl is lovely... she's your wife? You're a lucky man dude lol. Best part about this video...

Raios Rogue

Sony is doing awful this year this Sony X950G LCD is garbage and that's the only LCD they have to offer and their best OLED TV The A9G lost to the flagship LCD of Samsung The Q90R and to the Panasonic GZ2000 and The LG C9 in The HDTV Test shootout competition.

David Freund

I know you haven’t finished your testing yet but I would appreciate your initial thoughts on the 65in 950G vs the Q80R. I am heavily leaning toward the Sony as I think it is better for movies, Tv and streaming with EArc, atmos and Dolby vision with the Samsung doesn’t haven. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you again and great video.

mo veezy

Cant wait for full review want to see where it stacks up against the Samsung q90r and q80r

pete cap

Nice, vilLaGirl I'm on your side he has to go LOl

Royce Johnson

I'm watching this video from a Sony X950G 65 in. I love it.

oliver harmon

new sub find your reviews a must watch you have a pleasant intelligent delivery, just bought the sony 950g because of your recomendation


HDMI 3 is eARC and the X Wide Angle is only available in the 75 & 85” versions

HDR Aquarium Demo:

Ziad Malik

Nice video! What is the video/app of the aquarium please?

Techno Dad

LOL! Love that intro! My wife is always trying to be in the videos. She has it in her head that I'll get more views...great video man!

Tommy Sawyer

I hope they can update the firmware to prevent blooming.

Martin86 Chitembo

I loved the intro and great reviews sir.how is the contrast ratio on this tv?

Derek Sewkumar

"Hi Boss-man ...enjoyed the vid a lot ... by the way it's good to see family members to joining in the help in set up! (Because-technology- is to be shared with the family to get the best enjoyment in life ...to many times we just use tech to be unavailable!?!?
"O.K. back on points ...need to see some really large scale tech (projector-tech) !!
Many thanks
d 🤕

Dpoet jones

Hi good video, is there a link to the tropical fish screen saver your playing at the end? Unless it's a built in demo of course? Peace 🙂

n x z x

Hey Villa,

i was researching for a long time and now i found the right person to ask this question. Since you had the LG C8 and now owning/testing the XG95, i need a quick answer from you mate. For Gaming and Netflix purp.: which one would you recommend me? The C8/E8 OLED from LG or this Beast.

Would be so fucking awesome if you can help out and best wishes from Germany!

Doug Quaid

Your accent is almost identical to Lennox Lewis. He does great TV reviews too! 😁

Herman Munster
Great video. Looking forward to the future ones for this TV.I’m debating between this and the Samsung Q80R. I watched your videos of that TV, but when I checked them out in person I found the colors on the Sony to be more realistic / natural, whereas the Samsung was a bit over saturated. I had a Best Buy employee load up The Dark Knight on the Sony and interestingly, black levels looked great and blooming was minimal if there at all. Also, no real reflection issues (but in a store so no windows). So for now, I’m leaning toward… Read more »

Had 2 of these faulty in the space of 2 weeks. My first and last ever sony products. Some advice too anyone not clued up on tvs dont let sales reps push you onto things, do your research. I went to another retailer and got a 2018 panasonic oled for the same money.

A/V Home

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this TV. Where can I find that fish screensaver?