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Jeena Bittenbender

YES please!!! I cut the cord 2 years ago and never looked back. I have a Roku and Chromecast. I sub to Hulu, Netflix, and Direct TV now.

Gershon Dharmanandan

Entered! Hope I win! Good luck to everyone! Thanks Armando and everyone else for making this possible!!!

Karan Singh

GH4 OR G85 I really help need in choosing a camera and I mostly want to make comedy films,just what to know which is best for filmmaking,the GH4 AND G85 almost the same price.It's my first time buying a camera for filmmaking


i only have a valid philippine id adress. 😥

Cesar Gutierrez

CutTheCord coupon code doesn’t work for me


i might just buy the TV because I'm not eligible for it yet


I cut the cord......... Now my tv won't turn on.


Besides price. how does this 4k TV compare to some of the others from like LG, Samsung, and Vizio?
As far as Color reproduction, Color accuracy, deep blacks, etc?

Armando Ferreira

For those that live OUTSIDE of US. You can still enter, it just needs to ship to a US address. So if you know someone or want to ship to a center and have them ship it to your country of choice you can still have a chance to win!

Sergio Gomez

coupon code "CutTheCord" doesn't even work!

Pranay Pathole

Damn man, it should have been international haha, anyways awesome and crispy video as always❤👊

Pranay Pathole

Damn man, it should have been international haha, anyways awesome and crispy video as always❤👊

Rashik Sharar

Done. Liked, Subscribed and Entered the Giveaway. 🙂

LoyaltyOver Everything

I need it for my room I have no TV in my room we share in the living room if I win this it'll be awesome I think your the best tech youtuber but you're underrated

Ed Urbina

thank u for the video. it looks like a great TV. I'm planning on getting the PlayStation Vue. plus I'm moving CT to Georgia to find work. I did enter the contest, but I don't have Snapchat, Tweeter, or the other one. I'm older but I like tech. I don't think I will be joining those site. but it would be nice to win the TV. hopefully I'll save some money and get this TV in the future.
thank you

Anthony Lauro

TCL fights you on their warranty. We had one in our conference room and it died less then six months old and they are fighting tooth and nail about it.

Battosai Himura88

What i want to know is TCL 4K UHD 55P6US 55" better than Hisense 55" 4K UHD N3000?