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Joe Thomas

If I get a month of PS4 + and download the handsome collection do I have to keep my membership active to play it?


If there is no more PS3 and Vita games, I think we should get 3 PS4 titles.

Bole ZG

Oh duck. I own both games,al least they are awesome.


This video was much better then that american narrator 👍
Welcome back Sammy


I was just about to buy borderlands 😂

Robert Alexander

Sometimes u need average games to appreciate a fantastic month.


Nice I’ve got handsome collection on pc but yea I’ll still download for PS4 and I’ve no played sonic mania so yea agin worth a try 👍

James Barrera

Good picks! Too bad I already have both of them! Fortunately I have physical versions so I can just save my discs.

i swer on me mooms leif ill shank u ootside tesco

Where can I get killing floor 2? It doesn't show up in the monthly games in the store but it does for my friend

KREEP1NG 4414 crew GTAV

vids are great but Thinking Sony is smokin the Funny cigs. look forward to your line up of PS4 games. not your fault sony wont release good games for us.


so they stop giving away PS3 games and instead give you a PS3 game for the PS4 LOL what a joke. Sony always offer the worst fucking games. Most people played Borderland 2 like 6 year ago


I almost buy borderlands too!! 🤡🤡


For those that never played the Borderlands series before, good luck and have fun!


I already have the handsome collection, but still a huge improvement from last month.

Naughty Alan

I got a question for the whole Push Square team... Is Death Stranding a Playstation exclusive?

I read your article but I'm still confused because I heard it's coming to PC as well but since the game was published by SONY and made with DECIMA Engine, I don't know how that limited time exclusive could be even possible.

Darren Davies

The best game I've played so far for free is mw remastered not into the 2 shown my own opinion most are bad I only use psplus for the sales that in my opinion can be good like resi 4 5 6 triple pack cost me under 20 cwid the sales are good under 10 er games etc but do do free games

GamE FrEak

now this is a solid PSPlus games.
Sonic Mania
Borderlands Collection
i hope n pray we will be getting the same games for region 3 PSPlus account.

DJ Crisis UK

I'm still confused as to how we went from 6 games with at least 2 being decent to just 2 games and no further support for other consoles from Sony, and yet the price stays the same 🤨