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Lalo Villa

Wow wow...hold on a minute. Geography lesson guys, Mexico is not part of South America. Why include the flag at 3:49 ?

Sam Lawry
Back then...I remember...just a 36 cm/14" tv crt...without any real rgb peritel...and 50 hertz...censured games.Few people can afford a super famicom or neo geo...with real rgb or svideo l.r stereo cable in 60 hertz with original japanese cadridge.Now,I just have one crt arcade monitor.Nanao Toshiba 15/24/31 khz 640×480...on Blast city.Beautifull.But I prefer pixels mozaïc than big scanlines like new astro.Back then,during the 90s I was hyped by home theater...so already with rgb...s video...yuv...faroudja scaler...and somes crt were compatible with 576 or 480p (pal or ntsc).The laserdisc and dvd were on sell since 1995,96...I used the pioneer 717...a awesome picture,some ampli… Read more »
Mark Hecatonchires

PVM Screens have nothing on my custom quantum ZDHL coded hi-scan 2080 reducers w/ mini gel reactor capacitors. I want to sell them but this technology is not allowed for human eyeballs. Your heads would explode instantly!

richard lewis

Could you help me with a problem on my pvm please the top is slanting but the bottom is straight


This is a great video... I wish you guys will make a video focusing on CRT PC monitors for retro gaming.


I miss my old CRT's. They're great for retro gaming, and my CRT TV was quite good for watching lower resolution video, as everything just somehow looked better on it.

Joseph Freese

Jesus I just watch this show religiously now. I might need to get help lol.

AM-RA-MA 100

yea, i brought a crt for $10, to play some retro games.

borgos beats

Can you guys look into running a famicom on a NA crt? I know I’m supposed to go to channel 95/96 but it still doesn’t work, and I really wanna use the zapper but I currently can’t since I’m using my plasma for the famicom

Wicked Gamer & Collector

Really good video I liked this topic 🙂

Joshua Humes

I used to use the CR-V or whatever but then randomly I found a old Sony Bravia and it has a hookup for everything I can play Nintendo buy Sega Genesis everything I have no problem on that I don't have to miss the format either it's a flat screen HD


I didn't realize this video was this old.

I use a 32" Sony HD CRT with component cables for my Genesis, Saturn, PS2 and Xbox. They all look great in component. I also have a 27" Wega next to it that I use for light gun games.

I haven't experienced this supposed lag on an HD CRT. It worked great for timing based Guitar Hero (480i) and Guitar Hero 2 (480p) without any issues.

Jp mayne

i know its been awhile since someone has made a reply but i want to know if some of the crt's in the video are modded with rgb?


Good music, then the second guy starts talking and you realise, Americans.

Dragon Bleu
Hi thanks for this nice technical video it's very nice !! But I'm sorry you made a miscalculation at 16:42. This is not 1 divide by 15 = 0,06666... BUT 1 divided by 15000 so 1/15000 = 0,00006666... We work with second (s) and Hertz (Hz). Not second and Kilo Hertz, so it's 1s/15.000Hz not 1s/15Hz. So the electron gun not make 0,066.66 = 66,6 ms (milli second) to make 1 line, but 0,000.066.6 = 66,6 µs !!!! µs = micro second !! I'm sure you understand that 66 ms is an horrible input lag and it's why I was… Read more »
Great episode. It's also worth noting that when an artist is working on his or her pixel art, he'll have it scaled up. A scaled-up image will make the scanlines detract less from the shape of the object. In other words, it's possible that when an artist was making a piece of pixel art, s/he was thinking about it without scanlines. There's really no way to know, and even a single game might have had artists with different ideas. And even then, it's possible that with or without scanlines, the artists would have made the same decisions on which colors… Read more »
Ben Force

Great video! I don't think I've ever seen a retro game on a pvm. I try to go to Magfest every year. Are there any on display?

Just Another Youtube Channel

Man, these PVMs and BVMs must be godlike. I’ve just brought a beautiful KV-21X5U, and it’s honestly mindblowing; I don’t know how anything could possibly look any better than it.


hey guys, can some one tell me what game that is at the 12:15 mark? I would really appreciate it.

Mitch Loves Games

I've been testing out different upscalers for months now, VGA, AV, S-Video. Out of frustration I dug up the old tube TV and hooked up S-Video to it and it looks absolutely fantastic. From now on I'm gonna play on CRT with a splitter going to the upscaler and Elgato.

The Teenage Film Maker

Quite honestly, I've found that playing retro video games with their highest quality connection through a good upscaler, looks sharper. CRT's have a problem that most people don't think about. To have those high white levels, you've gotta sacrifice sharpness in places that are bright. 8:27 in the video for example with the man wavin' his hands in the air.


A retro game with no scanlines look bad... looks like one 8bit cell phone game made in 2016... just ugly


I am not ashamed to admit that I have watched this video at least 7 times.

Viljo Vaan

Thats why i dont buy current gen hdr tv. Hdr in gamemode is just worsening the picture becouse gamemode shut local dimming and playing without gamemode, the input lag make games almoust imposible to play. Will take time before i give up on my 55 high end fhd bravia. Has all bell and whistles exept 4k and hdr. Has deep color input and full rgb chrome, the picture is very good for gaming and really low input lag.

Commander 64

I just got a ALBA DVD Combo CRT TV for free on facebook marketplace, until now i've been using an upscaler on a HD flatscreen but I thought i'd give it a go this way as it's not costing me anything. it's been years since I had a crt so i'm interested to see how the experience is different.

Russian spy troll bot ver 3.11

I still use a 42 inch crt. These will be hard to find in 5 plus years for us true retro gamers


When are you going to do your video on CRT Geometry?


I honestly learned a lot from this video. It was great!


I'm from europe (PAL) and on my old TV's and a had a lot of them, I never seen scanlines. Was that in the US (NTSC) standard for the TV's or just on some?


Is there such a thing as a non-HD PVM that supports 480p?


OMG GOLDENEYE LOOKS STUNNING IN MY NEW SONY 32 “ !!!! Just got for 20 bucks

Nicholas Newland

any chance of a best picture video for the dreamcast? 🙂

Eivind Fjeld Schjerven

i orderered from rgb cables, and then got a mail they need a week to even ship, that was annoying

DJ Kevgeez

So which mode is best for Games like SNES Zelda and Super Metroid?


What game was that @ 4:50 ? I remember playing it years ago but for the life of me I can't remember the name.


Hey guys, I just bought a Sony PVM-1354Q and I was watching your video on CRT and PVM monitors. I just had a question — this monitor has teh external sync you mention — if I'm using a sega saturn with component cables (retrovision) what do I hook into that external sync port? Thanks!


CRTs are very responsive only thing that comes close is Plasma