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Paul Frankl

Hi — excellent video. Is this TV very similar to the KD43XE8005? I am interested in buying this tv but there are wildly differing reviews online for it. Many thanks.

Ni Ro

Hello ! I would like to know 2 things about this TV and maybe you can help me.
In Terms of PC using: Does it have a 10 Bit Panel + Chroma 4:4:4 with 60 Hz to have perfect white lines at thin letters. (no blur no fuzziness on contours) ?
Did you experienced any bug/problems when working with a PC ? (wanna do the same)
Greetings from Hamburg/Germany and thx for your Video!

Evan Stergiou

what are the substancial differences with the newest KD-43XE8069, 100Hz refresh rate aside, and why Sony ditched 100Hz on the newer model?


can you tell ,e where to buy a component adapter for this tv please

Harry Robinson

This TV has two satellite inputs but no EPG so what is the point of putting these on a TV with no EPG? TV not fit for purpose, unless you only use it as a monitor.

Eduard Pana

Hello! will you do a calibration video for this tv? just subscribed.

john jordan

Only Sony Triluminos panels fully support native HDR and HDR10 metadata.
On the X850C it says HDR VIDEO where it says Cinema Home in pic settings on the X830C.
The X850C also has Cinema Home setting. 🙂