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Arafat Ismail

hi this works but i cannot download any thing . it gives an error message. 3080

Milaim Hasani

Hi i changed the location and when i open the app it says it is not avaliable in your country for excample Spotify how to fix?


How to connect internet in sumsung tv from mobile phone.?


I have a remote which has no number buttons... Help!

Ata Türk

Best technical video to install new apps but remote control button combination didnt result in any menü option etc.

J. Orlando Mel

Hi Bruno,
Thank you for your video. Do you know by any chance if the app 'IPTV SMARTERS' is available in any of those countries? I'm trying to download it to my samsung without having to buy a box.

Daniel Bami Serge Samba

Thanks, I got a lot more than I needed. But how can I turned my tv to 4 quality...?
It is a Samsung 42"

Sanguine Phlegmatic

I am in Germany , I have Samsung smart tv. it doesn't show the  all the locations. it shows only Austria , Germany , Switzerland.  can any1 help me on this .

Behar Rexhepi

My tv doesnt have smart hub, what can i do?

fabrizio rossi

grazie va tutto grande anke se diversa la tv

Sailani Khan Afghani

Help me...
Youtube is not downloading and installing in my samsung H series smart hub...

Ivan Lasić

HI Bruno i replaced my motherboard on my samsung tv now my smart hub doesnot work my app list is empty and i cant download apps do you think changing the tv region could solve this problem

RV 2015

Can you help me with That in UN55J6201AF please!!!

Troy Sheers

remote code didnt do anything on samsung model
PS59D8000FV... any idea?

Edvan Santos

Não consegui mudar, não acontece nada após colocar a sequência

Ron Foden

Do you have a setup for change of TV region for the Samsung BD-H8500 Smart Blu- Ray player?

mouray mou

Didnt work, I have samsung UHJ6200, what can I do ?

B33 Wat

can this work on Samsung NS-32DF310CA19? please help


i download apks in chrome but problems is the function is not supported ...pls fix this problem in Samsung smart TV 😊😋😍😘

Afryan Prayogi

Any 1 knows how to do it on NU7100 series?

Hologram Tupac

is it possible to install apps from different regions at the same time?

mafimanlife blogs

Is it working if i tried here in Ethiopia and load all US channels


Hi Bruno, hope you can guide me as I have not seen any comments on this particular series. Any tips on the UN50KU6300? Thanks in advance.


I dont have the smart hub button on my remote. I have the nu7100

Jack Mac

Hi enjoyed the video as always! keep staying active and uploading videos there really fun to watch haha :] idk if youve ever seen my channel before but I have a channel called "jack thomas" this is just a side account i watch videos on (im the blonde guy that sings lol). if you ever had a minute and could check my main channel out and subscribe if you liked it thatd mean so much. ill turn on your notifications so keep up the great work! Hopefully you can do the same for me 🙂

Galaxy Girl

I do same but it doesnt work for my samsung smart tv. Any help please!!!!

Jesus piña

this tutorial works on a samsung nu7100 ??


Amigo, alguma UN50KU6000 tem outro metodo? cheers

AMEEN Bhatti

sher it samart led mian kese instal hu ga samsang 4k mu7000

AMEEN Bhatti

Samsang 4k led tv 50 inch mian apps kese anstall krian modal mu7000

pujan sth

bro i bougt a same smart tv but cant download skype,facebook,messenger apps...pls can u guide through it

City Grill'n

Great video. This worked on my Samsung UN55F6350AF. However, I’m trying to get the Plutotv app and it’s not listed in the video apps category. Should I select a different region/country other than U.S. to get Pluto tv to show in the Samsung Apps?


Hello Bruno N , May I ask you if Samsung smart TV model that are start with "UA" can be able to set to USA region? Example I have UA65MU6100? My TV does not have HBO Now and I wish to download the apps. Your kind help will be greatly appreciate. Thank You.

Gino Gajelomo

i followed the steps, i successfully switched to USA region but eveeytime i press download any apps in samrt hub it says the function is not currently supported... help me pls.