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Jonathan Ostrovsky

Thank you for this review, Vincent!

Interesting question here: does it makes sense to disable subpixel boosting for night watching mode? After all, you won't lose any brightness.

Mario Borojevic

I didn't get the pixel picture 🤔
I was thinking that blue pixel should be bigger since the blue pixel wear out more than others?

Dennis Boone

Hello Vince, I respect and appreciate your knowledge and calibration skills. Based on your test and set-up, I was wondering if you would post picture settings for the C9? I know it is a matter of personal preference but it would provide an excellent point of reference. I just purchased the C9 and want to get the best picture possible. Thanks in advance.


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Always figured you were smart and clean looking...

Frank Hugh

Hi Vincent I know you don't tend to answer questions but hoping for a Yes/no on this one. Will watching Skybsports/Europe's port for 8 hours cause image retention or burn in? You comments on burn in here are good but still worried about pulling trigger on this telly. Have a badly burned in plasma with sport logo etc. Just a yes/no. 🙂

Jamie A

The EU coming over here, making our TVs safer, swines!


Vince, when you do input lag tests, 1440p would be a great resolution to test at as well. Also, rtings measures lag differently perhaps?

Mario Borojevic
The best thing about this TV bisaide 2.1 chip is dithering in the near black area.This would prevent poor gradients and macro blocking in the near dark scenes, especially on one content that is compressed, which is everything from streaming Netflix, Amazon, downloaded from uTorrent,over the air brodocoasting and cable TV,hell even the games have 4,2,0 compression and dinamic upscaling😀Very good news,on my Pany plasma dithering play the big part in the near black macrobloking and improve gradients a lot!These is really visible when I compare side by side Pany plasma VT60 and C7 Oled the difference is night and… Read more »
Nick Wizz

AAAAWW YEAH! I've been patently waiting for your review.

toto roro

Hi Vince, what about the bfi which they scraped last minute?
Do you know if they planning to add it via firmware update?

Sandy Nimick

Hanging oot a bag of haggis here waiting for the ag8 review

Gaurang Kothale

Quantum Apotheosis disliked the video 😂😂😂


A good idea for a special video would be: „how to become a (tv-reviewer and) professional calibrator“


If I don't care about new HDMI will I be losing anything if I buy an B8 model ? It's on sale right now thinking of getting it, I am not seeing any improvements worth paying almost double for C9.

Jason Buxton

Comprehensive review. Are you getting a ZG9 (Z9G) in Vincent?

Mykola Nikitishyn

Where I can download/purchase those hi res paintings with frames for my tv?


Hey, Vince. Will you be doing a video comparing the LG C9 against the Sony A9G? Thanks!


It will be nice for once if you can answer some reviewers questions in order to fully support your channel.


OK, Brexit must be delivered before the next year's models are designed!

Thijs van Abs

For a big gamer, which I definitely am, I'm reluctant to go back to OLED. I had the B6 and it suffered from bad IR and there's no telling if that turns into burn in. To this day we still have games with busy and static HUDs, some with bright elements too, I don't trust OLED with that. Or has this been greatly improved?

Darius Klabisch

My 65c8 is very unsharp with 1080 tv content. Especially with peoples faces. Checking other versions of the lg c8 in the store all showed the same poor sharpness. The c9 in the store looked the same.

yong wang

Dear Sir The LG C9 How many nit ??? Thank you Very much

Jack Smith

Should i buy the sony XG95, the Samsung Q70R, or the Q80R? Primarily for HDR gaming. I'd like your professional opinion on what would provide the most accurate picture.


Does this tv have forced wide colour gamut on SDR Game Mode? There is forced wide colour gamut on sdr game mode for the LG c7 and I'm hoping they removed that for this TV.

Patrick Castilleja

Would you buy a 65 in c9 for $2799 out the store brand new???

I have a question ( Someone please answer ) I'm a gamer who plays alot but also watches alot of movies,tv shows, and YouTube videos My question is, if i play the same game for like at least 6 hours will it be okay ? or should i have a rest from games every 4 hours and watch something then comeback to play again ? Also how to avoid the burn in problem because this will be my first oled tv and I'm scared because i want this tv to last with me at least 6 years ( hope someone… Read more »
Abu Hassan

How much do you charge for calibrating TVs sir?

reviewfor thetube

Alright please please answer this I'm either getting the lg c9 or the a9g please tell me what one I should get and tell me pros and cons of both please answer this comment

Electric Funeral

How do I output Dolby atmos from the Xbox one x connected to the c9 and send it to my av receiver ? I the Xbox couldn't output uncompressed 7.1 to the TV ...


i wish i had better understanding of that brexit joke it sounded vicious but ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

Chaster Legend

Please help!!! What do you think of the Samsung Q90R 82” and the Panasonic ub9000 together??? I’m thinking about getting Samsung and the Panasonic!!!! Thanks

Evron Mason

Hey Vincent, will you do a review of the Sony A9G/ AG9?
Also a comparison of the A9G and A9F?