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If you like watching horror movies, DO NOT buy this tv. Goto 2:40 to see why. Horror movies contain a lot of dark scenes and scenes shot at night. For whatever reason this Tv is simply unable to display black when it should be black. Instead you get shitty cloudy white/grey patches appearing and it's incredibly distracting resulting in an inability to enjoy the movie. Worst picture on any tv I have ever owned.

Kurt Krienke

Would you recommend the Sony XF9005 over this when used primarily for watching streaming services and casual PC playing?

Erfan Nazarian

What is the LG SK7900?? In my country only can find SK7900 ... any one knows what is the international model name of SK7900? Thanks

Lomate *

I can't the strings that's the sign of a good puppetry 👍🏻😂

Daniel Dark

Just found this channel.Great information and detailed tests.Im gonna buy the samsung nu 8000 for 4k gaming 👍👏🏻🙂

Big AL

I just traded my LG 70UK6570PUB for the LG 65SK8000PUA and the veiwing angle is much worse on the 8000 series... I am pretty disappointed. I dunno if I should go with the 9000 series or just go back to the 6570. The 6570 was much brighter than the 8000 series as well

Ishan Kapadia

Hit the thumbs up button and it will turn BLUE : 0

Allenmar nella_ram@yahoo.com.ph

If your a person who loves movies! Then go with LG cause it has more audio, video codec support than other competing brands! 😛😁😁


For a gaming tv the samsung is 800 and the lg is 700, the sony was the best and its 1200 dollars.

Chris Christian

I just read somewhere that this TV will not do 120 hertz and 4K at the same time does anybody know if this is true if so what the hell is the point of me paying for 120 hertz panel.

Anh Nam
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Chris Christian

So I have this TV in my living room and the blooming is horrible. What I don't understand is why my little cheapo LG 49 Lj550m sitting right next to it has no blooming at all.

ToltalDomination x

I was just looking at this tv and don't know what this guy is talking about. The blacks were pretty damn dark imo. Overall the lg had a great picture. Colors were very nice and the motion was very smooth.


it surprised me , can you please Next time measure their black level in a low light room ,,,

Dinh Dover

When you review a tv, you really review it. Thanks!

Damien Praed

I could just watch this guy talk forever, I don't even care what he would be talking about.


oh man... just got confused. I am thinking of the LG just because of the user exp and the remote. Just used a remote from samsung and it is horrible...

Hend Farid

Really good video with lots of info. But I was astonished with the audio part, I have seen this tv in show room and the Dolby Atmos produced great sound. Is this model with Dolby Atmos?

Bernard Spann

Caught it on sale for 900$(down from 1200$) Great gaming and movie TV...no complaints at all

Sean Thomas

Which is a better tv overall in your opinion? The LG SK8000 or the Vizio E-Series?

Obinas Kumar

tell me that if any lg smart tv reset Thn will it clear all the apps and tv usage hours history ?


Hi Daniel . i am your subcsrier and hope you help me with a small problem i have with launching my browser on lg tv 8500 and it seems that i can't figure out a way how to enable cookies on my tv browser. I have tried so far all the cues about how to do that but nothing works. Could you advice a solution. ?Thanks

Bertalan Pusztai

Dear All: do you have any experience how this set is handeling odler video files (avi, divx, etc)?

Han Sebi

I like their reviews but sometimes I really like to turn the sound off and just imagine him hurling insults in a rap-battle in Klingon... and that while maintaining such a likeable demeanor


Im torn between LG SK8000 vs Samsung NU8000. How do i decide whether my watching angle is wide or not wide? I have a 3seater L shaped sofa... does it mean its wide viewing angle?

Louis rodriguez

The black levels are fine what da heck are you talking about?!

grim reaper

Put the TV on sport mode and that will change every thing this guy says

aaa aaa

An issue with the LG, with such a big display, is the vertical viewing angle, which is lousy. You missed that point. Please include in future reviews: with 55" and over, the vertical viewing angle should be included.

Sriram Venkatasubramanian

Vizio P series seems better overall except for viewing angle and looks great for movies and gaming