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Veteran Bicycle

I think you need to show how SwitchResX works. Most of your comments are along the lines of "I bought the stuff in the link, now what?". It doesn't help that your video is the only one on YouTube that claims this works.

prasaya prasaya

why display port to HDMI ... why not mini display port to displyport?

Picasso Pablo

Mac mini + 4K Display = a Goal? Guys do yourselves a favor and stay away from Apple.

William Schaffel
I just replaced my old iMac with the same 2014 Mini in the video. I bought a 2017 model Philips 43" UHD TV with the same specs as the LG 43" UHD TV sitting next to it because the picture quality was better. I hooked it to the Mini using the Minis HDMI port directly to one of the TVs HDMI 2.0 ports. I can run at 4k 30hz but top menu bar, doc, and any open windows are absolutely tiny and I can't find any way to adjust them. So I bought a MiniDisplayPort/HMDI adapter and brought it home,… Read more »
Michael Rodriguez

It is working now, I had to set the TV mode to PC. :~)

Michael Rodriguez
I have an older mini purchased in 2012, I purchased the prescribed club mini DisplayPort 2.0 to HDMI 2.0, and an LG 43UJ63 4K tv. I am realizing this is a low end LG 4k TV/monitor. The tv documentation advises that it supports 3840×2160 at 30hz as a PC monitor (PCM)... When I connect straight HDMI I get 1080p. The club mini gets the mac mini displays at 1080p by default but it does recognize the 4k resolution at 60hz. However, when I select 3840×2160, I get a black screen. I am using switchresx demo version and it doesn't give… Read more »
Beatriz Sanchez

Please I just purchase a Mac mini and don't see iMovie 😤😭


+ Cars and Cameras What if I connect a Mac mini via a display port to mini display port cable to a computer monitor with the display port input, will it output 4K @ 60 hz?

Albert Human-Being
Hi Cars-and-Cameras 🙂 I Literally-READ-ALL the Posted-Comments on THIS-Video, and ALL of YOUR Replies!AND I Just LOOKED on your YouTube-Site Videos, but CAN'T SEE a NEW Looonger-Video having-been-Made Yet— and YOU are the ONLY-one Who Seems to Talk-About THIS! So Sorry IF you Somehow ALREADY Answered this Question SOMEWHERE!:My Question: I Just Bought a Second-hand Late-2013 13" Macbook Pro Retina, 8 GB-RAM, 512-SSD-HD. And: It SEEMS to have GOOD Video Capabilities!It DOES do 4K@30Hz Through the HDMI-Port. CAN your Adaptor + SwitchRezX Software GET: 4K@60 Hz??? -- I Really Really HOPE so! 🙂Also: Is the Mac-Mini Late-2014 NOT Doing 4K-60Hz… Read more »
Chris B

I have the late mac mini

2.6GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5


1TB Fusion Drive

Intel Iris Graphics

is this Good for a 4k tv

Glenard Fontanilla

Why do you use a mini display adapter instead of directly connect hdmi from tv to mac mini? Does it make a difference?

apostolic bible polyglot

The best thing about the Mac Mini is the Line level in port to input amplified sound bypassing the CPU hog USB mics and thus use something like a Dbx 286 amp through a Yamaha board into the line level port...the Mini is the only Mac left with it, all other Macs. have mic level in and need the CPU hog...USB gear.

Ruben Camilleri

hi please help! i've a macbook pro retina 2015 and a mac mini 2014. i've bought your adapter, and i can obtain 4k@60hz with my macbook problem without problem. but with the mac mini i've "no signal"...why? i use the same adapter the same cable and the same tv!!

David Ekstrom

QUESTION: This video isn't long enough for me to decide wether the color Yellow looks proper with this TV or not...I have bought like 3 4K TV's in the past, and for some reason Yellow just looks horrible! it's like a greenish yellow, doesn't look right at all, so how does Yellow look on this TV?

Stephen A Miron

Thanks now I want to do the same thing now. Thank you for the info. It would cut down on the power on the electric bill.

K S Rathnam

Does the combination of switchresX and 4k tv work with latest Mac mini?
Also what is the viewing distance that you maintain between 43' tv and yourslef?

Albert Human-Being
Hi Cars-and-Cameras 🙂 I Watched THIS Video AGAIN and You MENTION how 13" Macbook Pros SHOULD ALSO DO: 4K-60Hz with THIS-Set-Up: As Their Insides are Similar 🙂 I Looked at The Various Macs Tech-Specs and YOUR 2.6GHz Mac-Mini Has the Intel 5100 Graphics-Processor, and MY Late-2013 Macbook Pro 2.4GHz ALSO Has the Intel 5100 Graphics-Processor (and the Tech-Specs SAY that they BOTH use 1.5 GB-RAM — so THAT'S Exactly-the-Same as-well!) — So I am VERY ENCOURAGED that I WILL be ABLE to Get it to DO 4K-60Hz! 🙂Lastly, Since I am HOPING that YOU WILL Reply 🙂 I am in New Zealand,… Read more »
michael winkel

Is it possible to run 4k60p from windows? Boot camp

Spiderboy17 Theboy17

Thanks to this video I now have my 2014 Mac mini 2.8ghz running an Acer 3840×1600 at 60hz . I used Switchresx and a similar cable to the one in the description. I did not need to set any profiles in Switcheresx , it automatically detected the cable went to display settings and switched to 60HZ. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00S0BWR2K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


hi! nice video but what exactly is FCP?? THANKS

Shawn Matthews

Hold up. The 2014 Mac Mini has an hdmi port. Why the hell do you need an adapter that will cause you to lose your sound? On top of that. It doesn’t even have the mini display port. Did you mean Thunderbolt port, possibly?

Real Tech Channel

Did you ever release that step by step? I keep getting flashing colors on my display with this connection on my Mac mini 2014.

Manuel J Fdez Reyes

hello there. I did this, i bought the Club mini display port and SwitchResX, I have a 4k projector, and now the toolbar all the fonts are incredible small. I searched online and i saw im not able to change that cuz i dont have the retina display , any one with this issue with your non retina 4k display?

Fabio Galante

my monitor BenQ EW3270U goes green and purple, do u know why ?

fei li

Does it work in the 4K monitor ,not 4K tv?thanks

Netuno FX

Hey Man! Looks like Great! Is this works with a Samsung NU7100 4k tv?

Skinny Bob

Didn't work on my Mac mini. Installed the software you recommended and the resolution fell way short of what it should be. Maybe it's because the Mac OS has moved on... I don't know.

Scott Malatesta

You encouraged me to hook up my Mac Pro to a tv. Did you ever find out how to keep the tv on all the time. My tv shuts off after a while. Thanks, Scott