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How about losing arc connection on this Samsung? I own the hw-q90r soundbar and my Samsung lost connection with arc... There are so many people with this peohlem its not funny anymore.

Harry Alterego

That's the most accurate compair. Thank you!
I like everything about the LG but the motion... It sucks so bad!
Even when you watch just a slightly moving face it's just awful.

Alex Rod

Very nice review, but, as I am watching this on my LG OLED55E6V with severe burn in all over the screen I would say, never again will buy OLED, even if I lose picture quality just the thought of getting burn in on a new OLED puts me off buying one ever again

maymod rayman

Wish i could afford a oled tv they look great. Still using a tesco brand at 32 inch which is a rolls royce to us low income families.


My LG OLED has been a nightmare, constant issues with LG Customer Service being the absolute worst bunch to deal with. Dead pixels, whole rows of them, tv turning off randomly between 2 seconds to 2 mins. Every time I called, they said someone would call within 24 hours and they did this for weeks. Dont buy an LG.

Zachal Zockt

i like my Q9FN. It sucks at SDR Dimming with flickering, but HDR is just wow
Gaming is nice to


Damn, where can I get the expanding white circle


dr. whet farts

just give me micro LED TV's... lcd and oled will be obsolete then

Imran Ahmed

Don't trust this guy , I just return 2nd LG oled TV within a year due to screen burn and believe me it is not used for gaming at all. I am still waiting for my refund from currys to buy 3rd TV but completely confused as I like oled but already have bad experience with them so may be I will go with qled this time.

shin seok hwan

amazing review! I think the OLED is way better than QLED


One factor that could make people go with OLED. Is none HDR content it looks mind blowing in SDR with that contrast ratio!


honestly in person i notice no difference in black levels between these 2 tvs.

Alex Dastellos

Когда смотришь видос, на сасунг-олед...
Но всё-таки дрочево маркетинга играет...

Dom rockt

And iam sitting here watching this on my OLED Smartphone

Enough Internet For Today

i would love to see that video in english

death loader

OMG... Lg has dead color just not good
And too much sharpening on LG

the LOFT

Я не хуя не понял,что пиздит этот вьтнамец🤔 но по моему Олед лучше😂

Anthony Alvear

very similar ... although I prefer Samsung ... it is more reliable in terms of durability

Роман Пинаев

Ну всё верно говорит. Только ничерта не понятно. По русски бы)


Why is 5:55 much more juddery on OLED? Motion Plus or something enabled on the qled?


11:23 Actually LG C9 that played fifa 18 did show a bit of burn in.

Charles D

Can Samsung update the firmware to bring Dolby vision to he 90r ?

milky milk

9:24 and pause it, you can see LG look so much blur,...

Junho Kim

I use subtitles all the time when I watch tv. Would it effect screen burn in? My current tv is from 2009 Samsung. If I buy a new one I expect the same longevity.

Etan Plan

It looks like in high color, movie vivid scenes look better with a smoother frame rate on the q90. Yet, dark, animated scenes look sooo much better on the oled. If it weren’t for the tv failure rate I would choose oled but qled is part of the future