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Mark Reichman

I have a Samsung Note 5 phone with OLED screen and after 2 or so years YouTube is burnt into the screen. You can see the upper part rectangle where the videos play is fine. The lower part rectangle where the comments and description appear is burnt in. OLEDs do burn in. So... If you buy an OLED and you watch a lot of YouTube you may get burn in like I did on my phone. So... games aren't the only thing with static content that can cause burn in.

Johan Fredriksson

Who the F is watching TV during bright daylight? :/ I've had delt with the backlight ghosting and problems with glaring of small light areas on dark backgroud with LCD for a long time now. No brightness in the world can make me chose anything else than OLED for my next TV!!!

Good video! Nice comparison. But there's still this one thing I can't hear anymore. Yes, OLED is better for dark rooms and so on, but what difference does it make, if you can watch in darker rooms too?! I watch with my LED in daylight and night sometimes with some small light on and 138 nits. Some need more whatever, but even with 250 nits (WTF) you'll see the difference between QLED and OLED in a darker environment, even with some small light on.So if I watch ONLY at daylight, be would be right, but as just people they watch… Read more »
Justin credible

what's wrong with the mic? both of you sound like girls!


Every single person working in TV sales or retail knows how much better oled TVs are


As an owner of a 55 inch LG OLED after 3 years of use — stay away from it, it looks pretty but it doesn't last longer than a year if you're lucky before you experience issues. I have been constantly looking after this TV with high paranoia yet I haven't been able to avoid burn-in. When I do sell it, it will be massively discounted sadly, and it's especially noticeable with yellow colors, I can't wait to get rid of it for a QLED.

Petercokes Francis

Both are created by 🇯🇵 Japan witch is good 👍

Jack Skellington

Oled is factually overall better. And oled does not fall anywhere near that bad in ambient light. Siously come on

Leon J.

Most OLEDs have pixel shift which moves the imagine one or 2 pixels over so reduce burn in. OLEDs are superiors honestly.

Ali A

what is this game @6:01?
EDIT: I found it ! it's a Hot Wheels Expansion For Forza Horizon 3.


Good video!
I'm a fan of the Sony picture quality and right balance 😉

FlightEng Hughes

Good job covered everything I could think of

Best Guy

"There is no better" BULLSHIT ASIAN GAY... OLED wipes the floor with shitty LCD.