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Mark Homiak

My search is finally over! Let me know when its $1,500! 😲

Koyomi Araragi

Really only between 3 this year. The AG9, GZ2000 & LG. Everyone expects Panasonic to blow the others away this year though from my reading with regards to their custom panel upgrades.

Mike Huntington

Thanks for the review. Does it appear to get brighter than last years model with HDR? Thanks.

Seth Econ

I don't understand why most tvs still have a coaxial tuner input and why someone hasnt made tat connection wireless also why they havnt built a tv antenna into the tv instead of having to buy one separately.

Guy Katz

Off topic. Can you review the sony ht x8500 soundbar? Specifically how it stacks, sound wise, against the Sonos beam and other bars at this price range? Thanks!

reviewfor thetube
Nope I do not agree they do not have the best color sorry man and I had the c8 took it back it wasnt all that its cracked up to be I'm used to samsungs picture and I like it more and that's ok we all have preferences but man on low res content it was horrible even in 4k it was so grainy so much noise and way to dark and AI had the brightest lg that was out one of the brightest it just wasnt it for me yeah you can fix there orange reds but still not… Read more »

I wonder how this will compare with the Sony a9g?


Best colour? Ahhahaha QLED can give better colours. OLED would never beat QLED at colours.

Paul Shakeshaft

The design is terrible with the black bezel on the bottom which is too thick, the sound is probably poor like you say, Sony's flagship OLED is a much better design... with much better sound quality... if you want totally fake looking colours which are completely unrealistic buy the Samsung Q LED TV

rawa dabba

after watching oled i cant gst back to trashy qled there is no blacks on it ; hdr sucks and menus are the worst

Bill B

The "J/K" icon in the corner is going to look amazing when it burns into the panel. It'll look so nice contrasted against the deep blacks of an OLED.


Can u blame LG for overblown bright? people keep complaining OLED TV is too dark? what is too dark?
compare to CRT TVs, current gen TVs already very BRIGHT.

Regino Rojas

Can’t wait. I’m considering the C9 or E9. The glass looks amazing!


What about burn in? And don’t tell me it isn’t an issue.


So only the design is different than the E8 from last year? I have the 65 inch E8 and they look like similar TVs except for the design.

I would not touch LG oled. I have see so many people complain about burn in or yellow tint? So many going back series 6, 7 and 8! I believe it will be similar series 9 will have a burn in time? Best TV I see is Sony AF9 next best is Samsung Q90R? I not see latest Panasonic 2000 model yet? I don't see Sony oled get burn in? Last year's 2018 only 5 Sony 1 A1, 3 AF8 and 1 AF9 had faults compare LG series 6, 7 and 8 had 679 in 1 years. Cos I work… Read more »

Waiting for the lg 69 77 inch, but i was wondering if the new a9 gen2 chip caught up a bit on Sony upconversion which always leads the field.


Dunno how much better this years LG OLED is at burn-in prevention, but I think the HDMI 2.1 got overlooked a little. LG's 2019 OLED's and NanoCell IPS displays have HDMI 2.1 that is a massive win for gamers wanting a panel that is future proof (4K@120fps, VRR, 4:4:4). No other brand is offering HDMI 2.1 this year...

Sir Jon Smith III

I have a 55c8 in my computer room and a brighter vizio in my living room. Blacks are good on my oled, but i do get black crush in some scenes, not to the mention in HDR I much prefer a brighter led.

Simple Boy

How can you say this is the best TV 2019 if you haven't reviewed the others ? Samsung Q9 2019 could be far better ?