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Mario Lewis

I’m considering getting this because I really want A qled, would you still recommend getting the 65 or 55? I only ask because I heard that bigger TVs break down faster


napisz mi czy warto go wziasc i czy nie przkelamuje kolorow na konsoli ps 4 pro...?


i just got this television and this helped very much, thank you. I will now be playing Fortnite on it.

chris miller

65 or 75 ? I feel like 75 be to big since I’m not super far away from tv


I just got this tv, what are the best settings for gaming?


Dont buy samsung smart tv paid 2300 dollars and shuts downs on and off by himself

Gabriell Salas

I'm so scared to by this one or oled thin Q by LG but I want it more for 4k movies than 4k gaming what should I get?


This TV has local-dimming capabilities, so my question is, at 12:22 immediately after power-on it displays the "SAMSUNG QLED TV" logo, it does so on a screen all of which is illuminated (with a fair bit of light-bleed through) making the supposedly black background look dark grey. Surely at this critical time for the TV (first impression) shouldn't the TV have local-dimming enabled to ensure ONLY the logo produces light on an otherwise totally black screen?