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Sk Raquib

Man that TV looks Hella Good wonder playing GTA V on that 😍

Aaron Malik

I love you samsung please do grave made by samsung


You reckon this will be half price in a couple of years?

Ilja Malinine

Dont you have to sit like 0.25 meters away from the screen to be able to actually get the use out of 8k screen when its 60"

Marty Since87

3,500 for a TV? I want your job 🤣🤣🤣

Lee Everett

4k at 55 inch is already sharp as possible from 2 feet distance. I can't see how 8k would be worth it, no matter the size

Curtis Shaw

Did you have a update when you logged on to the tv?

Kung Fu Pyrex

Really looking forward to the gaming review of this t.v! Really wanna see if the 8k upscaling is worth for xbox/ps4 games without looking pixelated


I want to know more about HDMI 2.1 in the 4th port of the One connect for your Full Review...