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Marian Tsvetkov

QLED TVs and monitors always will have big advantage besides OLED and more long-time life of pixels. I'm owner of QLED 27" HDR 144 HZ (1ms/4ms GTG) monitor by Samsung and i'm really enjoying on games and mostly movies, great quality, fast response and for really good price. Asus are mostly overpriced because of the brand name, just like Apple.


I've got the exact same TV but I have 65 inch model. It really is great for gaming, the input lag is so low for a tv that mouse and keyboard feels quite good on it. Personally couldn't go back to a monitor now. I'd turn off the game mode image smoothing thing though, It can lead to ghosting due to double frames etc and slighty increase the input lag


My boi I think you would be happier with the Asus pguq27 384 local dimming zones, quantum dots, 1000nit HDR , 144hz

carl yearwood

How does your PC handle 4k HDR on youtube. My PC can play 4k HDR movies but cant do 4k HDR 60 on Youtube.

Kwstas Drakopoulos

Thats stands as a BfkaTV (Big fucking kick ass TV) Doing it from 2013 till now, alow input lag TV is the way to go especially models that worth the price. Yours atm here is at 850euros for the image quality/factionality/panel size/responce time is a no brainer to buy this or something similar. Great video

Very good man. I couch game on a bunch of Samsung 1080p 3D plasma tv's but thanks to Nvidia DSR or custom resolutions I can still have fun at 4k and beyond. Speaking of which knock your frame rate down to 30fps and turn on DSR and play at 8k for awhile on that set if you want some mind numbing visuals. Also in the service menu of that tv you can unlock a feature that allows the set to accept native 5k and 8k signals. Custom Resolutions look clearer than DSR but its dependent on the televisions if it… Read more »
Jerry G

I just ordered this tv for it's low input lag. Finally a gamer tested it out. Can't wait for mine


Great video man. I would really like to see a video of you showing the best settings for your capture card. Best settings for recording and streaming. I got the same capture card and i feel like is using alot of my cpu when i stream. Obs doesn't use alot of my cpu but recentral be using alot of my cpu.

alexandre belbari

did you consider the q90r ? you can actually do 4k 120Hz with 7 ms input lag on pc. ( with 4:2:0 chroma ), or 1440p 120hz at 6 ms. the q6f has about 15ms at 4k 60 hz, and 10 ms 1440p 120 hz. The difference might not seems big, but going from 10 to 6 ms is very noticeable.

S Lolo

But no TV is capable of offering more than 60HZ because of the HDMI 2.0 standard, at least until 2.1 appears. Anyway great TV, Samsumg always at the forefront


TAA Low reduces the rendering resolution and uses temporal reconstruction to upscale it back to 4K. Use TAA High if you want native 4K rendering

misael rosales

Great video, what out put of video do you use on your TV, Srgb, ysbr-4-20, ysbr-4-4-4?

remember old fashioned trousers?

Wow that looks really good...on my screen. 🤔

Kamil Skalny

On my Sony XE90 despite of having 120Hz display I must make custom resolution in Nvidia settings to activate 120Hz/FPS mode. On LG B8 120 Hz is available ‘straight out of the box’ but only for 1080p. In 1440p 60Hz is max I can have. But why?

Dan Monkman

Would you be able to test the new scaling options on the latest NV drivers. Its for lower resolutions than native, Apologies if its mentioned in this video not had a chance to watch yet.