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I have a Panasonic UB9000, do I set it to Led or QLED?


Hi, any clue how to disable overscan for internal DVB-T/T2/S2 tuner ? I have QE65Q9FN. The picture is significantly overscanned, more than on my previous Samsung TV, every channel SD and FHD is much more blurry than from HDMI set-top box with 1:1 settings.

II Parachute Regiment

Hi it wont let me go in some setting, like GAMMA, Picture fit 2 size, and other settings

douglas robert
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reviewfor thetube
God I wish I could afford this tv I at least wanted the q8fn I really really do but samsung is going toward micro led now not qled but I hope they keep the qled going also really really do I have the q6fn and it's an amazing tv period I also got the q7fn I liked the picture on the q6fn and the price wasnt worth getting the q7fn over the q6fn but when you get up to the q8fn its def worth every penny and they have it going for 1699.99 for the 55 inch right now how… Read more »

Hello Jb, awesome video, now "because" of you I'm getting this TV tomorrow! Just a quick inquiry though, what happens if I unplug the TV from the wall plug, will I lose all the video settings if that happens? On other TVs, if the TV is completely shut off and unplugged, you have to re-enter all the video settings again... Thanks!


I can only watch channels with hd res? It looks so ugly. My last tv ( samsung 2013 65" smart tv full hd ) was much better than this qled 4k. Idk why but the quality is so ugly.

Yaroslav Chernyshov

darker blacks than oled? Do you know anything about oled technology? I have this tv and it crushes blacks way more than my previous oled.


please be honest, i'm picking up the 65in. q9fn saturday, is there any light bleed or blooming when watching a movie with black bars?? this is my main concern


When I turned on the hdmi uhd color on, for my cable box, I can see the picture ( it looks really good!) but I do not have sound. Can someone help me how can I fix this problem? Thank you

Michael Llewellyn
I'm BAAAAAAACK, but this time NOT actually seeking your Help w me Problems, BTW, here to say THANKS again and God Bless U, BIG Time, for your Good Heart, Patience, and time and trouble trying to do just that: Help Me! EVERYTHING is NOW looking Very Good and not freaky thoughts of possible return of this wonderful QLED HDTV...because I called Denon Tech Support to seek their help/advice on getting this expensive AVR fully functional again and synched up w da Q9FN...their T. Support was GREAT, I did not have to do the RESET I was going to do after… Read more »
Blaine Houser

Soaking all this in Prepurchace Thank You!

the eabster

you can't see in 4k . (Some people would argue) Buying a TV with more specs than 1080p is a waste of your cash. Any opinions... Lol. My old ass probably can't see in 720p

Marvin Martinez

I bought the q9fn 65 inch a few days ago and in 4 hours it will arrive. I had to order online. Thanks for the awesome review.

Danny K/L

I don’t know wether to buy the Samsung 75 Q9FN or the LG 77C8 ... so far I’m leaning towards the Samsung as it’s much cheaper in the U.K. and no chance of burn in ... guys, any input appreciated

Hi and thank you for a great channel. Sorry  my English is probably not as good as it should be, but grammar and spelling aside I hope I can explain my problem coherently. I just recently bought the Q9fn and I was experiencing some very strange frame stuttering when watching anything with fast panning shots like sports and even when playing games on my xbox1x, almost like some kind of refresh rate issue. Thinking it was a faulty panel I exchanged it for another Q9 with the exact same problem. So I am thinking it might not be the tv that… Read more »
Dmitry Shapsis

What’s the best way to connect Q9fn to internet modem or router. Do you prefer hard wired or wireless for internet?

nick souba

Late to the part but I'm about to purchase my first 4k tv... you still recommend this one? From all the reviews and stuff I was thinking this or the 2019 sony x950g

Damian Perrone

Just got this tv and so glad I had your guide to help me! Very thorough and easy to comprehend! Thank u!:)

Luis Rodriguez

Hey man, just picked up a 65” q9 at bestbuy . Are the picture setting from this video still good for a living room for a lot of windows. Oh and I paid 1400 for a open box one!!! Yay

Louis Szovati

Aslo, under Ambient Light Detection, be sure to turn the setting below it (minimum backlight) to 50! My picture, no matter what I did before this, was way too dark. It was also still changing the brightness from scene to scene. Terrible and useless feature!