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Fixing Tricks

You are the king! I have a philips tv and had so many problems with lags and that! You saved me! Thank you!

Michael McLafferty

I followed your steps and when I change the HDMI signal format to enhanced format the signal goes away. Can anyone help?


Thank you very much!
I had the same problem with my samsung UE43MU6105KXXC and i was wondering for months why.
Thanks to you, i figured out why and i was able to solve my problem.
Thank you again


I could kiss you...but thad be weird so here's a ✋and a subscribe

Garlic Salt

Thanks for the helpful tip! I am also considering getting this TV for my Xbox X.
How do you find the input lag? Do you play in Game Mode? Is this TV good for online multiplayer games? What is you opinion?
Thanks again.

Jedi Luke 22

These TV's look better with standard format and the HDR 10 setting on the TV set to on. Try it.


Im kissing your soul man u are saving me from a heart attack, thank you

Eric Ramirez

About to go through every video you have... watch them all and like them all. I won’t be paying attention to them at all tho... I don’t even care for them. But you helped me so much that that’s what I’m going to do... much love. Thanks again!!!


thanks man solved my problem... fucking easy problem aswell haha 😛

Steve Cazier

I wish I could upvote this 10,000 times. LIFESAVER.


Why does it only work on HDMI 2 and 3...weird


hi friends i have the same tv and i have a question. xbox one x got a update something with dolby vision and my tv doesnt support dolby vision. why is this friends? please help

Germanas Vasaris

Sir, you deserve a cookie!!!

Ps thank you very much

Mr. Mambo

Thanks man, saved me a lot of time and effort...dumb that hdmi 1 cant support as well and that it doesn't auto-detect in 2/3

Khiem Dinh

This is the most genuine thumbs up i have ever given a vid

Ian Mitchell

This video also helped me out a ton!!!!!!!! I am using a 4k hdr switch as well and I was thinking that maybe it wasn't workig but this did the trick. I have the newer X900F model and this trick still worked. Virtual fist bump to you my buddy.

Will Southard

Thanks for this. Just bought a new xbox and was going to light my TV on fire.

RyX 117

Men thanks so much from Japan, 1 year I used this TV without HDR... Now I can enjoy my new One X

Zach Rabiner

Ayyyyy appreciate you dawg! Helpful video... ima tap that sub button!!