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Hey, I use the optical cable on my 900e. It works well with the hbo go.

Jeff Hamilton

I agree techno dad, the only draw back I’ve found with This TV is the android operating system, it’s terrible and Sony should make there own and give us a update.

Other than that I think this is a great tv

jose melendez

Hello Techno Dad I do have a question about which tv it's the best on picture quality. Because my oled tv has a little pixel on or bad, after I turn the tv off the pixel still on for a minute, and the tv screen it's serious black. I have a month with this b7a

Ryan Moloney

Dude you have the best of everything so jealous haha 🙂


Please share your calibration settings for the 900e


Have you tried holding down the power button on the remote till it turns off. It reboots the TV. You are correct sir Android sucks on this TV. I have a 2016 Sony X930D and every time I have a problem I hold the power button down or go in setting and force the app to quit


Hopefully Sony pushes out a patch for this...

Chandra Sekhar

I see your frustration. You lost your breathe for a moment. Can’t wait for you to smack Sony on your next video.

Kelvin J

Android TV blows on this TV, so does the control. Just buy a fire TV like I did

Dylan Vela

The only problem I have with This TV is the remote acts stupid asffff

Finn Schøyen

Hey Channa,
If you downloaded the HBO Go app off Google Play, comment the app's entry, as the onus is on HBO to get this fixed.
It could affect other Android-based televisions than the ones from Sony too.

If Sony bundled the app with the telly, it'd be only fair to push Sony in order to get this sorted.
In such case, Sony customer service should be your port of call, regardless of whether the blame for the bug lies with themselves or with HBO.

Here's hoping it gets fixed sooner rather than later.


the hbo app is the worst !! i use HBO NOW On my Samsung and Sometimes the video cuts off in the middle of a show giving me an error or if i want to skip the video stops !! they are the worst when it comes to apps !! the showtime anytime sucks too it only supports 720p like wtf ? in 2017 i watch a show in 720p ? and i own a 4k tv and they want me to watch a 720p video lol !! the best app i have ever used its Netflix !!!

Clinton Lyon

I’m looking to get a new avr and am between the denon AVR-X4400H and Yamaha RX-A2070... I’m curious which would be best running Klipsch RP-280FI’m not planning on running more than a 2.1 setup for a while due to the space I have. My main concern is music playback over movies.

Mark H

Just wanted to thanks for the kilpsh sounds bar recommendationI I know I spelled that wrong but anyway and the Sony x800 4k player both were A1 fantastic just thanks u we’re super helpful on recommending those products I really dig your channel thumbs up 👍


How do you get HBO GO on android tv? Theres no HBO Go on android tv

Nitin Sethi

Hi techno dad... Please tell me how to transfer files from PC to... TV's ... Usb and HDD connected to my sony android tv... Using wifi

Tom Harkins

I don't think this is accurate. I have the 65" variant of the 900e and I use HBO Go app all the time. I've never had the issue this video describes.

Stephen G Riley

I just picked up a 65in x900e and I loved it , and mines did it also but instead of a reset , I went to sound settings from the home page on the tv , then advanced settings , then switched the audio digital settings from dolby digital plus back to dolby digital and I got my audio back , hope that helps

The Koolademan

Hey TD. Can you please Help?
I have a Sony 850D , Xbox one X , and Marantz SR6011. In order to receive all green checks I must enhance the HDMI Port. Now I can't see the 4k games ( I can hear them but no picture)
Reciever is on passthrough.
Please Help.


Hey techno Dad has there been any update on a possible fix to this issue?

Geancarlo Cojocaru

Hi! I came here after Google searching for an HBO Go android tv app, 'cause there's none for Europe, boo! Anyway, every time when I have a problem with a faulty app, I go to settings (android) > apps > running apps > and force stop the bugger. Sometimes I lose the settings for that app but it's way better than having to factory reset the tv. Didn't tried it with the HBO Go app though, 'cause yeah, they can't be bothered with making one for other regions :p

Scott Gates

I have the 65 inch 900e I just bought love it but when I opened the Netflix app I lost surround sound and only have tv volume wtf I’m on the arc and my receiver is a 4K pioneer lx102 no issues with watching tv and having surround sound but use the 4K tv and no more surround and advise

Scott Gates

I did not try that it’s new out of the box I ran the tv arc to receiver arc I have my cable box and blue ray player going into the receiver and am set up 5.1 surround so all appears correct now if I stream from blue ray I have surround sound same if I’m just watching tv but it I use the tv app for Netflix or Hulu no surround sound kick on tv speakers only you think I need to do reset


This is really bad, terrible bug on android TV (sony x900e), it is so buggy it is messing up the sound and crashing constantly. 5.1 doesn't even work properly through optical, only dolby prologic is being output, and on top of that, its also sending a blank disruptive garbage audio signal burst to the audio receiver any time you pause and resume the app, and requires switching bitstream to fix it. Terrible sound bugs on the app with HBOGO + android.

Yader G

hi guys i have aproblem with my sony 55xd7005 android 4k,every time i turn on the tv there is no sound,so i have to reboost it keeping the turn on/off button,i did the factory reset and no changes,btw i got the tv for a year now so i have to doit every single time i turn off the tv.Any advise?(except to throuw it away 🙂 )


Hi is this still a thing? Coz I installed it recently, watched few movies and all is good still. I have Sony Xe9005

Talpai Tiberiu

the software on Sony televisions are all shit


I don't find HBO app at Google Play on my XBR900F?