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Jeff Crenshaw

Having spent a few tens of thousands of dollars on chasing technology and having to have the top of the line, I now go for the biggest bang for the buck ... GIVE ME RESOLUTION AND SIZE OVER THE TYPE OF DISPLAY, as long as it’s a quality brand. IE, I’ll take a 75” 4k whatever over an 85” 1080p, or a 75” LCD over a 65” Oled, or a 75” LCD over a 77” OLED.

Monsta Lova
It's a really difficult answer. So many variants and what your situation and preferences are. Are you in a very bright room, how often you watch at night, where you sit when watching, what type of content you watch, heavy gaming, how much 4k content you have. If he hasn't had a high brightness TV compared to an OLED (at least 1500 nits) might not realize the difference it can make for viewing (Plus a bit of eye strain haha). Ive had burn in plus ABL and stutter really annoyed me for OLED. Fantastic picture most of the time but… Read more »
Jéan Nelson
What up Brian... I feel like I'm the perfect person to ask! I just replace the LG OLED 65 inch because of burn-in with a Samsung75 8fn. All I can say is I have owned 6 TVs over the last 10 years and the size of the Q8 plus the color saturation exceeds the color volume of the OLED. The OLED has slightly darker blacks BUT the color OH MY the color pop of the Q8 plus the size makes it a no-brainer for me! also off axis the color does not break down as bad as some LCDs because… Read more »
John Hooper

I think If you have a certain size in mind, you can not go smaller... It will just backfire a while later, it will bug you, ... So even if picture quality is the nr1 Priority... So he should just wait until the right tv in the right size for the right prize pops out...


Loving my C8, going back to LCD would be very hard now.

Digital Reaction

Really nice video my friend,
i used 55'' oled (b6) after that now i am using 65'' XE93 but when i saw 75'' XE94 at my friend's house...Size matters 🙂
High or mid range 75'' for the win...


Great video Brian, the meticulous depth you went into on this surely can only be answered by the ladies. Lol

Eli’s Dahdah
I bought a 65c7 55 900e and a 65 930e and was completely content. I decided to upgrade and I’d be happy to go to a 65 oled or z9d until my wife brought up “why not 75 Z9d” “I want a 75 instead of a 65” so we purchased a 75” Z9d i had wanted 65” oled but i don’t have any regrets! Everything even cable looks impeccable. I will say I had gotten used to my 65 c7 and my 65 930e eventhough that was the biggest display I’d ever personally owned and now the 75 doesn’t look… Read more »
Eli’s Dahdah
So its either qled or oled? Are Sony’s LEDs pixels not as good for color??? I have 55900e 65930e 75z9d and c7. I read somewhere Sony’s used to have their own proprietary quantum dot panel. Don’t know if that’s still true on any of my models. I did read as well that the 75 Z9d has a separate higher quality panel than the 65”variant. And the brightness of the oled is limited due in part to burn but also because the white in a WRGB panel would begin to washout the colors in the bright end of the spectrum. Should… Read more »
Tomek Żyła

I thought my 55 inch Sony X930E is big, but after some time I think my next TV will be bigger. What's more, I want to risk it and my next TV will be an OLED. I have to see it in my room and try it.

listen In

Thank you for this @whisper (Brian) ! I had the same question he @socal had. 🙏🏻

James Williams

My 75" q8fn will be arriving tomorrow. Bigger is better.


Size wins. I have the 75” Sony 900F and wouldn’t trade it for ANY 65” tv LED or OLED.

christopher charles
If you game or are dead centre you could go led but Being a movie nut it's oled all day long... the blacks, viewing angles etc... gotta be if youve owned plasma previously... And Brian...fella...5 ft from a 75inch...!! Oh my days... I watch a 55 oled at 6ft... thought may have been a bit close but hey... maybe I could go up... lol😂😂Ps... Insta'd you a vid of my den... after wife showed me how to do it lol🤣 another great vid by the way shame it's not now I'm on the hunt for a new tv...Other thing ...… Read more »
C Carroll

I owned the 75" Q8 for four days and returned it due to dse. Exchanged it for a C8. Most definitely quality over quantity!

hofra moh

For me, honestly, it is an easy decision Q8fn. OLED for free I wouldn’t mind but buying it with my own money ooow that is tough.

It's Dawson

I have the 65" XF90 on my wall, could go much bigger with my wall being 4.5m x 3m, 65" is perfect size for my room sitting 3.5m away.

Not a fan of OLED due to screen burn and edge lit led looks terrible, only options for me was the FALD UK q8dn,q9 and the Sony xf90. The Sony was £700 cheaper and still performs very well so it was a no brainer to go with the sony.

Kenneth Sowa

I have the 65" samsung Q9FN BUT now I Think the Q8FN at 75" just a little more. but I sit 12 feet away. Now the Q8 IS what i"d get

Anthony Zinna
Honestly I'd never return a Sony A8F OLED for the 75Q8FN. I'd say since he does play videogames and is thinking QLED he should skip the Q8FN altogether and go with the 65 inch Q9FN flagship which is $2799 at bestbuy. The 75 inch Q8FN is $3299 and the local dimming isn't even close to how good the Q9FN is supposed to be. That's just my 2 cents though. I like to go flagship when it comes to LED displays. OLED are all close to the same. But unless he really has to have a 75 inch I think he… Read more »
Calvin Steward Jr

55 inch 65 inch 75 inch are perfect size anything higher than that its not good I've have Q9FN is a fantastic performance TV it's a all around TV, watching movies or playing games with no burn in problem. OLED IS REALLY GOOD FOR MOVIES BUT BE CAREFUL PLAYING GAMES FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME THOUGH.

Henry Addy-Grigsby
55 inches was big once upon a time. Having my 930e for 2 years now seems small now LOL. Bigger is better to a limit. If going a 75 from a 65 means losing about 10% quality it is very worth it to go bigger. For me if quality is 20% worse quality then it’s not worth it. My tv has Dolby vision but I’m not sold on it. 12 bit panels are the standard and no specs will change that. On the other hand since my older tv was a plasma I would probably go with the oled next… Read more »
Nick Marks

I sit 5 feet away from my 75” Q8fn. I’ve tried the Q6fn and x900f and both disappointed. The q8fn is the best all around tv in the last 3 years for the money hands down

review for the tube
Alright 1st off the bigger the TV the more issues we all know that with uniformity and everything but this was a pretty good video man I love the qled line and this year the 2019 are even better everyone so far have given it 5 out of 5 and say it looks just like an oled but brighter and that's a great thing they fixed the clarity issues and noise issues the upscaling also everything is so nice it has more luminosity to it also with whites and things it really reminds you of an oled when watching it… Read more »