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Put in the comments what your opinion is and what you would like to see in this non-biased test coming soon.

Michelle Alexandria

what store is this? I wish Best Buy allowed this.I know within 15 mins if I’m going to like a tv.

reviewfor thetube

I love the fact tour store allows you to do that and get to check everything and just chill with the tv and learn it very nice

David Freund

Hey how are you liking the 950G? I am deciding between the Sony and the Samsung Q80R and right now the Sony is in the lead. I just wanted to hear your thoughts?

christopher charles

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Been hearing alot of good things about you and getting alot of props from Brian so finally got to check your channel... glad you have a demo room near you too that you can visit... in the UK here I regularly buy from a store down rd from me for yrs... got my last TV there after had a Sony, LG and Panasonic oleds... in a dark room left me in there... experienceslike that are game changers... not a snooty store either but that's another story... lol... great vid and interesting thoughts...

Andrew Towell

Probably a good TV, but at this point, I could never go below 75 inch for a high end TV.

Whisper Status 74

Awesome bro!! Congratulations on the new top of the line flagship brother!

Big Perm

Can't wait to see this bad boy!!! I only trust you and a few others. Got my 930e because of you and 1 other who has it. And I love it. Been looking at the 950 and it looks great in store

Marcus U

The new TCL Series 8 might be some serious competition.