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Thats asking a lot of money for an edge lit display.


Hi. What are your thoughts on this compared to the Samsung nu8000 series?

chris andrews

Where is the YouTube app I can’t find it

Cassiano Bizotto

I needed a great help from you, I'm interested in buying the 65 inch x750f TV, but for this I need to know the distance from one foot to the other foot of it, distance in centimeters, can be measured behind the TV, from a hole to the another hole where the feet are to see if it fits in my rack, can you check? a big hug!

Ananda Mustafiz

Thanks for the very nice review. Which sound bar you recommend with this TV?

Cassiano Raimundo Bizotto

Abt eletronics, this painel is VA ou IPS?

Cassiano Bizotto

ABT ELECTRONICS, venkatreview, hy my name is Cassiano From Brazil, this model x75f is painel VA our IPS?

Cassiano Bizotto

ABT electronics, Good afternoon!
need some information to be able to buy this tv, I'm from Brazil, does this sony tv have IPS or VA panel? another thing I needed to know was the measurement in inches from one foot to the other foot of it, to know if it fits in my rack, the measurement from one fit to another fit. a big hug!

Okan Korsal

Is the Samsung UN658000 better than this TV?

Tvman videos

I own this it's pretty bright with good contrast good HDR good motion good input lag only concern is the blacks are not the best unless I got a defective unit they're not as dark as I want em

Muhammad Rusydi Abdul Kudus

how to mirroring iPhone to Sony tv & android phone to Sony tv?

Wasif Ali

For watching 1080p content on 4k tv is best then on 1080p tv or not?

prasanna kumar

Sony build quality is not good. For paying so much you get a cheap quality plastic casing which opens up at the edges as the TV ages.

Marcos Eduardo Nascimento

Another great video. Congrats.


Great video this really helped me decide if i would conceder this tv as my next tv especially when you did mention the gaming mode which is the most of my usage of the tv. thanks


Thanks a lot for the review! I'm actually considering buying this set for 999 or the 8596 for 1299 (Jan 2019). I have seen them live in the shop and know from the specs where the 8596 is better... but I'm not sure which one is the best bang for bucks (movies and TV, no gaming) considering the better one is 30% more expensive. cheers!


Really helpful video, cheers. also, can one record live TV on the X750F either on a USB or within the tv itself? if so, how??

Better Ones

i just have a doubt that do we need extra stabiliser for these TV or in built stabiliser is there because recently there is lot of
voltage fluctuation

Ivan L

For me this is one of the best remote controls! Simple and good size bottoms...

Jan Franko

Helo there from more sources on internet I know this tv has VA panel in 65" is that right or there are two types? Or what...thx


When I turn my tv on it makes a big click noise? Does your do that??

Basir Patel

Thanks for information, I'm thinking about Sony tv

Anand Mishra

Nice review.
Just wanna ask this TV or Samsung nu7470??

Aram Gevorgyan

Hi guys! Please help me to choose! Which model is better — Sony 65 inches x750F or LG 65 inches UK6500? I was thinking also about Samsung 65 inches NU7400 but I'd rather go for Sony or LG. Thanks in advance!

Syed Ahmad Qusoiri

Thank you for the gaming info of the tv...