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Let me guess... 🤔 $5,000 I may of gone too low.

Always VIRAL

I want to see if there is more in the lineup. If not i think the 930e is going to be a better tv still


Can't wait to see 3 other cnet people review this exact same TV

Kevyn Grams
Nice to see an 85" model get added to the mix. Sony's Full Array LEDs are my favorite displays on the market. I wonder how this will compare to the Z9D? All they need to do now is get rid of the pile of garbage Android OS and the equally poor CPU/GPU that runs it. They could greatly improve the user expereince by dropping a PS4 APU running the PS4 OS in these 900 Series LEDs and the A Series OLEDs. Their goal is to reach consumers to the last 1 inch. Well you better start selling products with your… Read more »



Hey I have the the 2017 x930E which also have the X1-xtream chip. Can u please find out if the x930E is getting the Dolby Vision upgrade as well????

Marcello Amente

I'm always curious why no one will specify how many zones of dimming the tv's have. Why keep it a secret?

Flappo Spammo

i want a 940e but no 75 inch

any chance of something smaller ?

Flappo Spammo

over at avforums steve withers reckons the 900f is an amazing tv !!


It’s Irrelevant and Outdated since it Lacks HDMI 2.1

Samuil Amalekoff

One wonders, which exactly "improvements" have been implemented in the new 900F-series — over the last year's 900e series (that haven't been carried over from last year's 930e series)? Which exactly "improvements" did the video processor get this year? "Flickering" and "dimming" issues have been ALREADY addressed and rectified in the 9X0E series, by the way. What makes you say this IS "one of the top LCD TVs" without having it even compared with Sony's own last year's model (never mind the new models from other makers)?

Utkarsh S

900e was overrated. Tried it for a month. Painful slow navigation and game mode

Pat Alb

Bull shit bull shit bull shit. You morons slap a new year on it and make it a ridiculous price. For anyone watching please go with the Sony x930e! It’s brighter and cheaper than this price of crap. Not to mention it already includes the Extreme chip.


DO NOT buy this TV for gaming...it is slow as hell.

Teemu Laine

I just bought the 55 inch version for 900€ Crazy how prices can change

Jedi Luke 22

I bought a 55 inch for $1400 like 5 months ago, now the 65 inch dropped down to $1499, ugh. Damn I should've waited a few months.

Antonio Vargas

i had to return it ( 55") , 2 much blooming