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Thanks for the reviews, love them!

I am wondering when RTings will get around reviewing the 2019 lineup from Samsung? More specifically the Q60, Q70, Q80, and Q90 series.

Thanks again for the hard work.

Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs
Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs

Not worth the current price difference over the 900F.

hyou zan ren

I want to replace my old LCD these Sony TV looks promising!

Your Nightmare

X950G have same stand like sharp has 4 years ago

Michelle Alexandria

the local dimming on those three tvs look horrible. Vizio clearly “wins”

olivier luminais

il y a une erreur à 5 minutes 52 secondes https://youtu.be/Wk6bK4wLcu4?t=352
vous écrivez en haut à droite Color Volume, hors les données du DCI-P3 sont ceux du Color Gamut, de plus j'ai dans l'idée que les spectateurs regarde le colors Volume lorsqu'il regarde une vidéo ou un film ou série.


dans votre teste à Colors Gamut:
DCI P3 xy : 87.09 %
DCI P3 uv: 93.19 %

Colors Volume
Normalized DCI P3 Coverage ITP 77.3 %

hors à 5 minutes et 52 secondes vous ne montrez que le Colors Gamut.


Why are people obsessed with hdmi 2.1 it’s pointless at the moment.

Brian Auclair

Returned my 55 inch 950g,blooming was horrible. For the price range this is unacceptable. Very disappointed

Sergio Lopez

Great vid.
Too bad the 900APOC (a piece of crap) & the new 950G (Garbage) are similar...


I see they still haven’t fixed the corner darkening problem

Francisco Mtz.

Great review. I love your channel and web page. This year I'm going to buy my first OLED TV and I'm waiting for your review of the 55" LG C9 vs Sony A8G to my final decision.

andy noburn

so for gaming is it the Samsung Q-8 keep in mind a 2018 model or a Sony X950G which at Best Buy is around the same price some feed back please.


I like how people are saying “hdmi 2.1 is useless” right now at the same time they’re saying that eARC is useful.

Joseph Varoz

What is the input lag for 1080P + HDR at 60hz? The info listed on the review page only shows 1080p without HDR ...


This is the first review I've seen where you swing the TV around as you explain the design and I really like it. Way easier to visualize how it could work in my setup and my cable management

John Hooper

You publish the contrast ratio... but not the black level... What black level do these lcd tvs have?

Paul Shakeshaft

After viewing a lot of the Samsung Q LED sets, it is a total gimmick and looks terrible, with cartoon like colours, completely unnatural skin tones and lots of blooming, not to mention the poor angles from as little as 15 degrees...


New remote and 4 full HDMI 2.0 ports welcome to 2018 sony lol


Very disappointing for a 2019 TV at this price. Was expecting VRR.

I'm going to look out for a used 900e or 930e. The waiting is just silly now.

Marco Barbaro

Fald should improve contrast ratio?
Q6fn edge lit has more than 6k native ratio and better uniformity. Same for Q7.
Those poor fald sets are just made for marketing.


Is there a good 4K TV for ps4 pro around 500 dollars? For European market. I live in Serbia.

Vishav Singh

Will the 2017 & 2018 Bravias get the new quick settings menu as seen on the 2019 line up?

Ivan Drago

Think I'll stick with my Samsung Q9FN and my Sony X930E.

GregandSuz Krutz

I seen this tv setup in best buy next to x900f and it was insane how much better it looked. I just bought a x900f and am considering taking it back and getting x950g. I didnt at the time because there were none in stock of x950g.


I'm so glad I found you guys. I bought a TV on a budget and it's nice to know I made the best choice for my money. Keep up the great work!

Jarshwin Selveswaran

So what does the X1 Ultimate chip really enhance?


How do they keep making the contrast worse every year?

2:52 — contrast is not great (as you are saying) because is worse than 2018 X900F4:15 — angles are also worse than 2018 model (lost at about 70 degree)6:00 — color volume also worse7:08 — gray uniformity is not great — is worse than 2018 model7:24 — response time is not very fast as you are saying — is worse than 2018 model8:40 — two things are better this year — remote controller looks better and Android 8 is faster.Sony... seriously... ?!?! Every next year they are producing worse TV — how it can be?Conclusion? By the XE93 from 2017. XE93 > XF90 > XG95. One good thing — don't need… Read more »
Mohamad Hasnim

Please review 4k entry level sony x7000f too. Its 2018 model btw


I just want to get an eARC update to the 900f. From my understanding it has the hardware for it but just needs a software update.

Cade Foster

Putting my hopes on the Samsung Q70R, blooming and decrease in contrast no bueno.


But the local dimming bloom looks way better on the P Quantum?