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What's say you and I go toe to toe on Harry Potter law

James Mifsud

Dominos Australia has the first delivery robot

Bud King

I can see 5G being massively delayed, Huawei was going to be providing the kit for 5G but since the US has banned them a lot of other countries are turning down Huawei for 5G too

King of Walruses

The way he says niantic is disturbing

Estelle Bright

Soon, your kettle will get infected, as well as fridge, or main door, or garage door, or yourself.

Hovi to the rescue!

the place here in germany where I donate blood has a tv in their lobby with a small info film running which is called "Der Weg des Blutes" or "The way of the Blood" which sounds more like a bad 90's thriller than an infomercial for blood donation

Crazyloki Gaming

2021, your air conditioner can get a virus...


I would use the pokemon++ app, the actual game is bs so it's cool.

Björn Linde

Apple knows 5g is unnessecary until it isnt built in germany

Fred E

for those with a samsung tv, maybe use a vpn that offers server-side virus scanning on your router

chuckles de clown

im an honest player of pokemon go (havent played in a while) cheating does not discourage me in that game because i understand that some pokemon are regional and can't be caught easily.

Real Racer 03

I’m really starting to hate that voice in the background...

Pawel Tarnowski

Heh, I got the phishing calendar thing recently. Figured that's what it was. Neat, I'm part of the news.

John Dee

The keyboard... it does NOT have a numerical pad. >.>


People: Wadafak Samsung!! Virus on My Qled TV?!
Also them: Can't even afford the TV

No you

Craig Wright being Satoshi Nakamoto is extremely important for the entire ecosystem of crypto. If he is, then BitcoinSV is the rightful heir to the throne, and things will change extremely and change rapidly.


2:05 when you parent are telling your about the birds and the bees

Una Salus Victis

to me, some sort of spoofing for pokemansgo (rofl) actually allows those of us with poor mobility or those with no mobility to play...i dont anymore...but...meh...

ricky v

Very old news here. TVs, have had vulnerabilities for a long time. All devices do. Even your modem has a vulnerability for the ISP to get into the modem and see what’s going on with it for technical support reasons. All drama if you ask me.

Now, faster internet on long flights. That’s better news. (:

Joseph Calandria

I'm wondering why they don't do a true two person show format like Rooster Teeth used to do with The Know. It would work with these 2 guys.


Riley: This baby has it all!
doesn't have a numpad

Luna Lytele

Why does James never give any responses whenever Riley looks at him, great video Riley 😂