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vivek kumar

Can someone tell me the reliability of xiomi TV's in market when compared to others. How is the customer service ?

Ardent Geek

Anyone noticed the coffee which spoiled two persons🤗😂🤗🤗

drtech india

Hi Bharat.
Any way of watching Netflix or Amazon prine on this. Does the fire stick work

Neil Quadras

Great review as always!!! Can u please tell us if the previous version of this TV also had a 10 bit panel or not?

Bharath Jay

Hey Bharat, Which is the best of the two:
Mi TV 4X Pro 55 inch or the VU 55inch Android UHD TV? Please suggest me which performs well. (Apart from the pricing). Thanks in advance.

Kumar Shilimkar

Hi sir
My leaving room size 10"Feet which TV screen size look best for my room...
Please suggest...

Abhinava Mukherjee

I want to connect my Soundbar via ARC port with my Mi TV 4X Pro. I have done the physical connections properly (tried with 2 different arc supported hdmi cables), but when checking under settings-->inputs-->hdmi1, its showing no connections and even no sound output is coming via soundbar, only playing via tv default speakers. I can't even find the settings to change the default tv output from tv speakers to hdmi (arc). can you please help me to setup my soundbar with mi tv? Thanks in advance.

Jatin Bedi

Hey guys just to point out a correction, this one has 20W output instead of the 16W (as in Mi TV 4 Pro). At least, that’s what they claim in the specs.

Bhavya Wahie

Hey bharat how are these TVs from the budget players compared to Sony/Sam/LGs Budget Series...? With regards to screen quality and viewing angles...

Avadhut Bane

I just bought this tv and screen looks ultra delicate... is there any screen protector that is available in market that you know of? Pl suggest

c18 tech

Iffalcon 55 inch or mi TV 4x pro vs mi tv pro which TV I buy please reply me

Salaam Namaste

Review of Igyaan is very stupid and misleading... totally paid review... Jai Hind 🙏

Raj Shah

Brother what to do if the audio doesn't get supported in 1080p movie while we attached pendrive to mi tv 4x pro. plz reply

Harshit Gupta

What is the HDMI version and HDCP version of this TV?