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Miya Mirza

where is the option to switch off hdmi2.0. Am not able to see it in picture settings

Prateek Varshney

Bhai how to play Netflix on this led ?

prem maheswar

My budget is 30000 and my choices are "Vu Official Android 109cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV" and "Mi LED TV 4A PRO 123.2cm (49)" can you suggest me which one will be better?

shrinidhi shetty

Is it good for regular set-top box watching? I'm planning to buy this for my parents and they would majorly use set top box viewing rather than online streaming. Pls do reply. Thanks in advance😊✌🏽

Riyas Bowser

Hi Bro. I need one feasible solution. I bought mi TV 4c. I am using my mobile hotspot as internet source for my TV, but I'm not able to screencast the same mobile in TV. It requires another mobile to connect to the same hotspot and to mirror. Is there any other TV app or solution to enable the single phone as the hotspot as well to cast its own contents to TV?

Eagerly waiting for your response


@Digit and Members,

What about S/PDIF output, TV converts or decode before sending to output or Just pass through?
Can I bought Digital Audio Converter or Decoder for my Speaker connectivity (RCA=L+R)

Manikandan Selvaraj

Hi Singh... Which one is best whether IPS panel or VA panel and how do we select this variant while buying ?

Manish Singh

Awesome review. Other reviewers should learn from this guy.

Satish Kumar

How to turn off HDMI 2.0 I unable to find this option.

Saurabh Choudhary

At 3:23 minute of video you are editing the hdmi menu which is not available on this tv and MI confirmed it... Are you sure you reviewing the tv you have mentioned?

abhishek gehlot

Best mi tv review video i have seen so far, keep it up bro

Deepankar Gupta

Just bought MI 4a Pro 49” but could not find option for HDMI 2 off (3:20 — 3:30). Installation Engineer was of no help. Can you please help?


Is there any best option in 49'inch with 4k HDR10 and Android

Mayank Rajput

Your videos is copied by other or you copied???

Karthik diagenode

Hi, Is it possible to connect the Bluetooth speakers?

gopinath j

This is my first comment and want to say it’s an great review comparing HDR with Non HDR unlike other reviewers just reading the specifications ...... 👏🏼

Prabhu Jagannathan

1gb or 2gb ram rally play a part in TV? I never seen anyone talking about ram in tv... if its not a matter then i can go for 43 inch TV... Suggestion please! thank you!

Curious Niha

Only review which spoke about Panel type. Sharma's and Gogi's didnt spell a word about it. I subscribed.
But still if MI is producing both VA and IPS for same model. It makes consumer fall in confusion always.

Indian Anupam

Awesome video bro.  bhai ek jaruri sabal hai please help me.mere phone may jio ki net hai.kya may mobile hotspot se is tv may YouTube aur baki contant dekh sakta hu?YouTube ki picture quality 480p/720p/1080 manarji change kar sakta hu?

AnuRaG GauTaM

Review marq tv 50uhd 2.5gb ram ND 16 internals

ankit pare

Hey guys , can I pair my Bluetooth speakers with this TV? I have a 2.1 f&d pair with me ...