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True. I buy fake Elixir Nanoweb with no coating.
Seller say:
"It is coated and its coating is super thin.
"Nanoweb" its coating is super thin, is phosphorus copper coating. “Optiweb” is a
standard brass coating. Our factory has always been processing for
them,There will be no problem with quality.":)))))


I paid $15 for some fake elixir strings. Thats fked up

David Long Musix

I've used the 2 and the main difference that you will immediately see is that the upper 4 strings of the original ones are gold in color whereas the fakes one are reddish... 2nd difference, the fake ones are not slippy and sounds dead... 3rd, the fake ones rust in just 2 weeks whereas the genuine can last more than 3 years and still sounds good and do not rust...

David Long Musix

But this video confused me a little bit concerning the color because my genuine elixir nanoweb acoustic came in white colored paper enveloppes and the 4 upper strings were gold in color and not as in the video... Proof that they are genuine is that they are still great and don't want to rust even after 3 years of use...


Oh man, I ordered 4 sets of elixers from Wish. They already shipped. I assuming that they will be fake. I can't request a refund until I actually get them. Any chance they may be legit?

Rachel Valdez

Why would china to have a copy of anything

Four times I tried to order Elixir strings. The last time I tried I was fooled into thinking that the strings came from America but they were dropped shipped from China. All the other ones were direct from China and made no excuses about it. Every one of the sets I ordered turned out to be fakes. It's hard to say how much money I lost thinking that the next time would be different. You can almost bet that if you have a drastically reduced set of Elixir strings coming from China that they are fake. I have not seen… Read more »
Salmi Rahman

What an as*h*le of a country (not the entire country though) -_- stop ruining musicians hard earning money for god's sake!!


Think people need ears testing cUse chinese strings soin. Better. But they leave your fingers black... As for dead sound?


Where did you buy the fake ones? Ebay? There are many deals where you can get 3 for 30 bucks. Thanks for the video. Very helpful.


Should've watched your video before buying a ton of Elixir strings for Aliexpress. Thank for sharing this video.

Fritz Gun

I bought a ton of the 3 pack deals, keep noticing that I replace strings every 2-6 weeks instead of 4-8... they also keep snapping prematurely and it makes no difference...poly, 80/20, phosphor bronze, it might sound dumb but...can't help but feel something is up


Do you know if there are coated elixir fake chinese strings?


I bought a set of 10-46 elixir today from my local shop and I noticed they changed the package design, has it been because of theese chinese copies?

dừa cạn

Very useful video, Sir. Thank you very much!!

queen videos

This is interesting i feel like posting this to them bastards on ebay ripping people of


the biggest difference is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     I GUESS

Captain Snarky

We all need to band together to boycott (and therefore economically cripple) China for its incredible bullshit. This has to stop.

harris _27201

I think i bought the fake one...should've watch this before buying...

Anthony Lundell
I bought the Elixir Nanoweb, Super light .009- .042- From China, The packaging looks different, blue box, says made in the usa, The only thing I noticed based on this video, is the logo on the individual rapped sleaves is the Logo, has the "china" smaller/finer dots were used, but packaging could very. My fingers can kill new strings under 2 hours, I use Gibson luthier string cleaner before and after each jam, after a week, it helps, but I can feel resistance rubbing the strings with the lubricant, applied on a T shirt... I Hope these work
Mark Bolding

Thanks for this video, especially the clip showing how you can see the Gore Tex. After playing Elixirs since 2001 when I got my first Taylor, I have just found my first counterfeits which I did not know was a thing until I googled it and landed here. As soon as I played the first chord with the fakes I knew something was up, very coarse feel to the strings and sounded like crap.

Empty Skies

I started to think there was something wrong with my guitar after ordering a set of these off ebay recently. I used polywebs a lot in the past and when I took these out they felt very off. Put them on my guitar and its like my pickup is at half volume and any high gain sounds high pitch and fizzy. I will try a different set of strings but I just let the seller know what was up.

Early Cuyler

I think the main difference is that one is made in China and the other in the USA

Alex Crick

Thought something was up, received a couple new packs in the post that I saw for a good deal from an ebay seller (about £12 per pack I think), restrung my guitar and immediately noticed that these strings sounded deader than the ones that had been on there for several months previously. By the time I got up to fret 7, the intonation was about a quarter tone out as well. Absolutely ridiculous, I had no idea this was even a thing...


Is it so also for the Nanoweb 80/20 Bronze?