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josias adoniram garcia sosof

No importa lo que venga Dios yo sé , tu paz me encontrará, conmigo estas.

Emmanuel Dela Cerna


byeng v

These songs revive the strength that I'm losing right now. experiencing these things that usual teens doesn't, God help me throughout.

Projeto AMIGOS

Seja ele o motivo do seu louvor, pois ele é o seu Deus, que por vocês fez aquelas grandes e temíveis maravilhas que vocês viram com os próprios olhos. 
Deuteronômio 10:21

Marie Bradshaw

After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the word of God with boldness.
Acts 4:31


Thank you for upload ! When I meditate the Lord and i pray, I heard this songs. Thank you!

Mark-John Haug

Muito Obrigado! Bem feito o trabalho. E uma benção e pedimos benções de Deus sobre voce.

God's Grace

The second song, the singer remind me missio! So beautiful voice! A great playlist for morning weekends.
May Lond be with us forever and ever...Amen!

Vrilo Vibes

Thank you Daniel for this amazing video, May the Lord bless you. Amen

Константин Нагорный

Чудова музика!

Paúl Estrella Chamba

Nothing like your love. Jesus is eveything I need

Israel Limaces

todo ser que respira louve ao senhor aleluia salmos 150-6

All For Jesus

1° I Surrender — 00:00
2° Nothing Like Your Love — 06:14
3° What a Beautiful Name — 15:02
4° One Thing — 18:46
5° Christ Is Enough — 23:14
6° God Is Able — 27:55
7° You Never Fail — 31:21
8° Tapestry — 35:57
9° Open Heaven (River Wild) — 42:48
10° Prince Of Peace — 50:19
11° The Lost Are Found — 58:26

susan jodi

This list helped me to calm my mind before I pray 🙏


You know, you listen and understand that you are such sinners ... But when you listen to these songs, you realize that God will always forgive you.

Bao Khanh

Please pray for my health. Thanks everyone ✝️🙏

Worship Songs

who listenning 2019????? Please pray for my health and healing thank you 🙏🙌

Joyce Ann Tomas

When I have self doubt 😢😢I listen to worshipsongs to give me courage . . .Thank you Lord


I felt so comfort when I am listening in this kind of music. God made me feel so much better. Yes lord God I surrendered you all. Thank you lord 😢
And I am about to start this kind of videos. I hope you'll support me. Thank you. God bless everyone.

Natasja Van Tonder

Thank you Jesus for everything you've ever done for all of us
May all be blessed...
In the name of Jesus Christ...
Our Savior and our King...
Amen...😇P.j van Tonder

Drake Modish

I choose to know only God and his son, where my joy and happiness belong

Minecraft Platinum Fireworks Inc.

Always remember. Nothing is impossible with God and he will never leave you nor forsake you. Be blessed and take care whoever reads this. I love you. Thanks for the love of God.