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Carlos P. Castaneda

When doing the saddle sanding, a mistake I learnt from was to rule a line parallel to the bottom of the saddle to ensure that it is sanded evenly and there is a higher surface area contact.

Iyori T

Perfection if you change a tuning machine into SG-301 of Gotoh🤔👍👍
Try it !

misterjohn john

i got an advert for Perrier Water in the middle of this video, which is exactly what I always drink down the pub ;◎)

misterjohn john

Can you show us how to lower the saddle on my horse?
;○) and re-shoe it!


Yo Hank, you gonna watch the Teemu livestream on Monday?

Mark's Ark Aquarium's

The finger measure method is the best method I have seen.Great lesson Hank Thanks for sharing.

Gonzalo Vidal

Good setup tips for acoustic guitar, I learned new tip today, by the way nice bonjovi performance