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Reverend Tacos Guidos Mananeros
there's ways to make this thing work better,but if the strings are very low to the neck,& the saddle is set low, this wont work,because it will rub up against the strings & the capo wouldn't work. either,because if the strings are already low,so using the capo with this pickup won't work makes matters worse. Right out of the box,& package this thing needs some modification work, I am thinking that what I will do is drill 2 little holes on either side that grabs the sound hole, & flatten out the legs, & then reuse the white padding after… Read more »

You sound like Lester from Grand Theft Auto

carol Kampstra

you also sound kinda like hiccup from how to train your dragon

Jack Flynn

I bought one of these on a whim ans put it on my Martin D-18 (carefully) run directly intoi my amp (Fender Excelsior) it didn't sound good at all. But I ran it through my Baggs Para DI and the improvement was huge. for 11 bucks it is fine for recording into a DAW. I wouldn't buy this and then go out and spend 10 times as much on a good pre-amp. I only got it because I permanently installed my Baggs M1 in my 12 string. Not professional, but neither am I.

john gieschen jr.

this was horrible product. The unwound strings were so hot, the lower strings were unheard.

Kevys Rc & Music

your getting feed back cause you have to use and acoustic amp with an amplified acoustic guitar

Fmod P

Is there a volume and bass control on this pickup?

the RV ER'S

I have one it works great. but I DO US A REAL AMP.


Just bought one for $7.50 and I expect it to work at least a little bit. I just need a little more volume. If all else fails it'll get a KK mini.

Asher Films

get the Artempo Guitar Pickup instead, neewer is a cheap electronics company that has failed me in every product of theirs that I have bought.

Kelli Oelhafen

This was so helpful, for I bought the same one and had no idea what I was doing! Thank you!


$12 IDK why its a POS.? For starters turn the amp down maybe lol. I like the double transducer bell-kat pickups or the andoer single contact pickups. I'm sure a flanger magnetic would be better for a soundhole pickup

Sterling Browne

I got this and I have no idea how to put this thing on. It's tilted for some reason and touches my screens. I'm not looking foe great sound since I'm going to basically do-do all over it with my pedals, but I would like to use it.

Kevin Miller

Oh yeah, sound guys just love an electric acoustic going through monitors onstage without a sound hole damper. I own one of these on a Washburn 7/8 size and it works just fine. You get what you pay for. As for installing it, it's a snap.

Marco Agas

That's garbage. I had mine for 500 php (9.35 dollars) and it's good in any amplifier. It was also good in a concert speaker. 🙂


This is probably the worst product review I've ever seen.
Sorry, bud.