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el junior 1385

Its sound like a Jumbo Acoustic Guitar of Wood, because have beautiful Bass very natural, clear mids and good trebles, so i like most the carbon fiber guitar sound

Rahul Star

Wood sounds good except for 2nd test I didn't like carbon fiber guitar

James Lewis

I think it depends what sound you are looking for. My initial impressions from the intro were that the wood guitar had a softer, warmer sound which was great for rythm playing where as the carbon fibre one seemed to have more treble response making it great for lead playing. Tonally, I would say that the wood guitar is going to give a more traditional sound but both sound pretty good to my ears.

CJ Dizon

I highly suggest if you can have a video about finding old and broken guitars and make a restoration video about it!! More power from the Philippines


Going off the intro, I picked the wrong guitar for sample one. After that, I was able to easily distinguish the two. Overall, I like the sound of the carbon guitar better.


Wood is inherently non-homogenous, which could be good in favouring a variety of frequencies, but the CF is perhaps more homogenous and doesn't favour any frequency? That contoured shape would tend to kill any big resonances at particular frequencies, IMHO.
Anyway, I was impressed by the CF, and for a travel instrument, would have the win for being less susceptible to climate.

Tim Farnsworth

Wood definitely had a richer, fuller, and more resonant tone. Through headphones there was no comparison as to which was wood. Resonance of carbon fiber seemed to deaden quickly.

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Ried Horton

Is the Fender pugilist distortion worth buying?


Wow. Loved the bass tones of the carbon fiber, and preferred it when played alone. In the mix, they seemed a bit more even to my ear. The cost of the carbon fiber would be hard to justify, but for a special purpose ("travel") guitar, maybe so. Thanks, Darrell. Soli Deo Gloria.

Old Man Zen

Wrong on the first test, but only because I didn't believe carbon fiber could sound so much warmer than wood. After that though, it's impossible to mistake them. That carbon fiber is spectacular.

Cayman Shen

The carbon fiber is the clear winner for me. Not even close. That shocks me.

Jeffrey Eagen

The carbon fiber guitar sounded so much better and with the advantages of not being affected by weather and humidity I'd say it's probably worth the extra cost


Hi nice job! Would love to see the RT410 pitted against the Sheeran by George Lowden when it's released. Thanks keep up the great reviews!


I need a full version of the fingerstyle song and 5th fret capo song as well

Matt Elder

I went with a carbon fiber emerald x7 for travel. Don't have to worry about temp or humidity. Plus it has super stable tuning.


Tone wood? Really, they’ll sound really different with different material tops? You would think the microphone, guitar pickup (if used), the computer interface, EQ, the strings, where you pick would be WAY more important to how they sound!
Yeah, that Carbon Fiber “smoothness”, full spectrum tone?😜
Or, maybe guitar tone IS the sum total of its parts? Obviously, the material of an acoustic instrument has a much bigger role in the sound. But that doesn’t mean material construction doesn’t have a significant impact on electric instruments...all things being equal.

Adam Swanson

I got them wrong pretty much every time. They both sound great and would work for me either way. Price is a big thing with me though so wood would win out.

Altin Wood

The carbon fiber is twangy and bright the wood just carries that classic deep tone but yet resonant

Tom Derkowski

Great comparison, would be super interested to hear a comparison involving the new Klos full size carbon fiber guitar — the travel version of which you reviewed very positively. The Klos carbon fiber guitars are considerably cheaper/more attainable for most of us.

Blah Blahsen

so grab your comfy shoes, either way it's gonna be a journey.

Jeff Martin

Wow, the wood is very decidedly more bright, but not in a good way. Surprisingly I preferred the carbon fiber.

Wyatt Roodell

I prefer the sound of the carbon fiber for lead-playing, but definitely prefer the sound of the wood guitar when any type of chording is involved.


I am amazed! With the first test I was sure that the guitar that sounded the best (to my ears) must have been the wooden guitar. But no! It was the carbon guitar. After that I was easily able to pick out the carbon guitar and I liked it the best with every following test/demonstration.


I do not even have to listen to find out what the carbon guitar is. At a certain volume my desk vibrates every time the carbon comes... funny.

Sam Griffin

bro you should do more Spanish jams i loved that! i like the carbon fiber more in the sound tests but preferred the acoustic in the mix. keep up the good videos!

Ruben Vasconcelos

Big price difference would it make sense to compare something with similar price tags?

The Don DeLuxe

Liked them both, except for the strumming parts. On those I think the wood won hands down. Nice video as usual!

Jeff H.

Where was the mic placement for this test? I'm assuming the difference in sound might be a little less if not mic'd directly in front of the sound hole is — e.g. if you'd mic'd it with a pair of omnidirectional mics right next to your ears? In any case, I preferred the CF one every time, it just sounded more full (on headphones, anyway).

Vicente Pérez

I liked very much the carbon fiber, it has a much more clear sound, and it just sounds amazing

Fast Pace

My son has a Rainsong carbon fiber It sounds like a plastic guitar, bright no resonances, but humidity doesn't affect it.

I've gotta stick to tried and true wood acoustic. Why? It's been a thing for a very very very long time, wood has real character to my ears. Carbon fiber is more to me like digital recording. Cold, too modern, and just takes away from tradition. While I agree that the carbon fiber guitar has a rich tone, wood guitars have generational proof that they just work. Also you can't just build a carbon fiber guitar. The process is VERY expensive, highly toxic and you need specialized equipment to do it. In traditional guitar making you can build with pretty… Read more »
iMagZ z

Well, the price difference between those two is $1000, so I do think it should be better. Do any of you guys have any recommendations for nice sounding, but cheaper, carbon fiber guitars?