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It's not two normal tone controls, first is a midrange control pot associated to a coil inside, it doesn't cut the same frequencies at all, it's clearly different and efficient. Second is a classic tone pot associated to a capacitor. I own a 1977 all natural one, with maple fingerboard. Cheers from France.


A beauty it is...with a horrible sound of course, but still a beauty


I've had a cherry sunburst L6-S since '77, it has silver tuners and that same pickguard chip at the tip of the cutaway.

Odin Hammersmith

Looks pretty good. A survivor. The head stock looks more tapered like a Heritage or PRS.

les paul

Looks like when i tried to draw a les paul when i was 5

Wade Guidry

These are good guitars but to me they looked like 1970s Peavey T series.

Toney Isaiah

Mark Farner owned
that guitar.
Toney T. Isaiah.

Ian Blanton

My brother has blonde maple top L6S along with a maple neck I trying to find out where it was made

nathan rowsell

I have one just like it, great guitar!

Saigon Pharmacy

Here's a pic of my 100% original '73 L6-S Custom w/ ebony board comment image?oh=6b0cc1bbcea5a2fc11230b00ab5a9529&oe=5A6298AA

FYI, your tuners have been swapped from the original Schaller M-6 machine heads.

le meilleur danseur de tous les temps

hey ,this guitar is pretty good