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My Son bought a 79 AR-50 at the Salvation Army for $50 a few months ago... = Deal of the decade... Can you believe an Ibanez Artist for fifty bucks in the case...

Radjesh Gopal

I hear a Robben Ford. Great playing !!!!!!


what a tone!! very well played,i must have one of those!! lol 

José Mascarenhas

since when blues is crap? blues is awesome and is where you hear the best guitar tones !!! i guess you´re the kind of guy that like shredders (the ones that can only  play fast and have terrible tones). BTW : i don´t know if you know this but the brittish rock bands were influenced by the blues and so were THE DOORS !!!


I still have mine and still love it. Heavy guitar though. But it's worth it for the sound/playability. Looks great too.


twenty years ago i decided to learn guitar. as a lefty i was lucky to come across one of these. $650. i was sold , then i saw an ibanez rg red pointy strat and it was only $550 brand new. so i cheaped out and bought a plywood crap guitar. yes, i feel like an ass

Happy Me

I used to have one of these. Nice guitar but was neither a Gibson Les Paul or Strat even with the coil taps.


Wow how did you find one in perfect condition?

Lucho Ferro

Hi Greg. I hope I get to see a demo of a yamaha sbg guitar. Thanks for all the great demos.

Xando Zupo

Didn't find this one in your site inventory. How much for this one ?