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Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith

Hot rod red, pointy headstock, that screams Steve Vai on Crossroads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqdL36VKbMQ

By the way I didn't know these drop-D toggles were a thing, that's a pretty awesome thing to have, especially if it doesn't mess up with the overall tuning (though I suppose that's why it has a locking nut

Ken Shields

My best friend back in the day had a white Charvel that I loved. They seem like very well made instruments.

john 3:16

had that same guitar back in highschool in the 80s...

Tarn1981 Tarn

Sweet guitar bro even better playing. Big time respect.

Mike Cooper

Great guitar.what are the difference's of model 1's 2. 3 and so on.is model 1 the cheapest?..

Nic Wilson

Ahhh I'd love one of these old model Charvels...I'd put in a Seymour Duncan Perpetual Burn or maybe just a JB in it and have the ultimate 80s metal guitar


Looks great.
What’s the neck like compared to the Ibanez rg550 super wizard neck?

Also might be good to put weight of guitar in the description. 👍

Banda Egresso

Wonderfull guita's solo. Amazing instrument.

alonzo lescano

Didn't know Kid Ego was in drop D tuning. Cool demo!!

Marcus Vinnas

I got an 1989 Model 385 which I love. Congrats, at last a video that makes justice to these late 80s japanese Charvels!

Terry Hesticles

I'll S your D at gunpoint for this shredbeast!

Steve Kirkman

Great guitar, I have one exactly the same only I put a kahler 2700 killer on mine


I got the 2 pickup version with Jackson flloyd rose.

Hoosier Daddy

What a great guitar. I always see them in red. I played one back in the 80s. Have owned many cool Charvels. Love'm

Simon G

Faaaark, what a great sounding guitar... bloody good vid, thank you. Just subscribed, be nice to see more 80s sounds from this axe. Sexy looking guitar, neck and headstock remind me of a woman’s leg in a dark stocking with a high heel upside down lol