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is it worth to buy the telecaster or gather some money and buy the strat or jazzmaster? great review btw!

zak milne

I have the tele ( drop B), and the jazzmaster (standard ). I prefer the Tele. Wish the didn't stop making the black one. Will most likely pick up the white strat!

Good review!

Logan Abbott

Is this worth it? Looking for a guitar under $1200 and I love telecasters and yeah

Mark ?

The strat and Jazzmaster have a compound 12-16"radius. Hence why you could get the action super low. The Tele just has a straight 12

Luis Paxtor

Great review. Looking to get the Jim Root Stratocaster.

Star Lord

Does it come with a strap since it comes with strap locks

More Gain TV
If any of you guys are interested in this guitar, but don't wanna spend $1,000+, read this. I stumbled upon an ESP version for less than $390, that I swapped out the bridge for a 81 and wowwww, it's amazing. And it's an ENTIRE package of stuff that would normally cost $650~ altogether. I believe for $600 (I think? --maybe a tad bit more), you can get the version with EMGs already in it, but that's just the guitar. It's an amazing guitar guys. And mine came with a strap, cable, picks, guitar cleaner/polish/wax, fretboard cleaner and a microfiber towel… Read more »
Solid State

Not a big Jim Root fan, but I do like the specs on the Strat version. I fight the urge to buy one just about twice a week.

Colin W

Wish they had the graphite reinforcement like the Jacksons and Charvels.

E Ho

would u reco this over the jr strat? cant d3cide which 2 get

Trent Franks

Very informative for potential buyers. Nice work man! My concern was concerning the quality when compared to the American Fenders.

Guitars Talk and Tech

Does that volume knob get in the way when your picking