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Carlos Leon

Does this pedal record?? I say it for the loop button...

Владимир Курганов

Please say, what is adapter? Amper

Judy Ann Apple Adajar

How about the loop? How does it work?


That sounds bloody good! Also, JC40? Well impressed!

Jon Snow

What guitar and pickups did you used? And what amp/amp settings cos it will make a huge difference in overall demo of that pedal plus your skills = killer tone.

Syahrol Neezam

Can we combine with another effect pedal??


All videos only fckn solo rifs, experience nausea

Josh Jyreh Taccad

please max out all knobs so that we can here the max range,, in my opinion it sounds sucks


What a lousy demo, no explanations, nothing about the loop and what about the voice switch on the distortion mode ?A waste of time !

jonny favors

Why didnt u demonstrate the loop? Sorry, but this was half ass man. Try again.