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Farouk Kane

Very cool video, i have two AXL, tele and strat, they are awasome but no dealers in France so i try to find a L.P. Thanks a lot for your job. And excuse my english.


I have a question,,, the top of this 1216 is flat or is carved????

philippe coreastill

merci pour cette vidéo et pour les commentaires grossiers même les musicos ne sont

pas épargnés par la connerie.

Farouk Kane

merci pour cette vidéo les guitares AXL me semblent bien cool, LED ZEP forever.

Snowmanm Mastermer

Sound and features: The pickups are very good, not top-notch, but hey it's a $225.00 guitar! They sound vintage-y, in other words — very nice. Great for blues, rock and hard-rock but not a metal axe, though. The tuners are the weakest point, as far as I can tell. They hold up OK, but not as good as I was hoping, so I might replace them eventually. The body is alder, so it doesn't weigh nearly as much as mahogany,

here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to15iPaKo

David Socorro

ummm excelent! a video like this was what i needed! i think i'll go with a axl

Paul Escamilla

i don't hear a difference. if i'm not watching i can't tell which guitar is being played. Kudos to Axl.

edgard silva junior

AXL is a good guitar. But any other can beat a Gibson, not even the Custom shop ones...

Pete TheMan

Demo the guitars clean...then you could tell the difference. 


I listened without watching... couldn't tell the difference... the cheap one looks cooler... why pay more for a name... 

Terry's GG&G

very nice vid & thanks for your effords to show a difference !! 🙂

hovercraft Artifact

the axl sounded chimier with more string to string definition than the gibby. If I was playing indie or alt rock stuff I'd prefer the axl for heavier stuff the gibby sounded best. Of course the string differences have a little to do with it.

Slick Bizzle

Badwater 1216 is a great guitar.  I did repaint mine with a Star Trek theme, new pickups, pots, but it is probably my favorite guitar. Great feel to it. 

Patrick Kem

Thought the badwater had a much darker tone.
Gibson great bight inspite of frequent tunings.
I think the sound is a little brighter on the Gibby.
But I would not hesitate to buy that badwater
for one moment. Killer vid. thanks for sharing.

mywave inwoods

thanks man, its really nice video, i ws thinking of buying an epi. but after i saw these, i really changed my mind, these are bargain, plus mahogany wood, for the price, its unbelievable 

robert oppelt

picked up a body to throw all my parts into well see how it sounds when I am done,
Parts list sprezel locking tuners, Dimarizo Erick Johnson pickup's custom wiring job, babciz full contact bridge... you get  the idea 🙂

Jack Findlay

Nice comparison man, I played one of these yesterday through an old 1960's Canadian tube amp. sounded amazing

slayer 1

you suck but in a good kind of way I have both guitars they may be knockoffs like us but the World is Still rocking you are inspiring keep up the good work you remind me of myself mistakes and all but I see why people listen anyway it's good stuff

mauricio mauka

I have the badwater and I love it! I also have a Japanese jackson and I prefer the AXL! Greetings from Argentina!

Billy Ray

I put a SD Jeff Beck in mine and a 500T in the neck position, sanded the rock maple neck back to bare wood, upgraded electrics with high grade pots and wire, it sounds so good i couldn't justify keeping the LP which i stopped playing as it was too darn heavy as well. $3k went back in the bank. Win win situation.

Darrel Pennington

Don’t worry about the comments, you had the balls to make the video, a good one at that , vibrato , trills all will come in time , later & regards