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Mika Tarkela

Sounds great!! I just ordered this amp today 🙂 You got some tasty chops!


James have you ever gigged with an "id" amp ?
or do you think they are gigable with a rock band with the 260tvp say ?
I love the sounds in this vid but some reviews of the id series sound terrible and thin and fizzy no real bottom, also some are saying they are great at low volumes but when cranked they lose all definition and sound bad. the vids either sound fantastic or terrible but I'd love to be able to gig with this
what do you think James?

Brian Taylor

wonder how it sounds with good headphones.


Do you think this amp is loud enough for small club gigs??

55 maltesers

Can you do this without farting about with the wammy?

john james

great sound bro, I did the tune in the beginning , what key is it in? Bmajor?

My Horror FestEvil

Everyones saying that the 30 is loud enough for playing gigs and venues. How different is the 60 then, is it just more power or volume?

John H

very nice job. This should be the model for amp demos, blackstar should pay you for that... I'm gonna buy one.

Charlie The Unicorn

Great review, and great amp!
Anybody having second thoughts about buying it, go for it. It has power, it's practical, and it's got tone for days. Tone, tone, tone. There is no style of music it couldn't play. Had it for more than a month and i'm still discovering new sounds. It feels so great to play, the way it responds. Worth every penny.


Cool demo review James.
I've owned this amp for 2 years now but have mainly used the preset settings and some downloadable patches, but after watching this video have only just realize what this amp is truly capable of...Awesome


Wow, this is one of the best demos on youtube of any guitar product. I liked every tone

nicen nice

Nice review. Great playing. And the amp is as good as seems here and some.

Random Workshop

Less bass more treble, resonance middle, presence middle, gain down more, gain controls the dirt in the clean channel also, so if you have even less gain the cleaner and more sparkle.

declan delaney

Outstanding review. You have convinced me to get one. Thanks for taking the time to do it

James Hogan

Great demo, thanks James. I brought one of these after originally buying a Line 6. This amp blows that one away. Very pleased with it's flexibility

declan delaney

Got one in the 15, thanks for this , helped me lots


This is an excellent demonstration, very natural and thorough, excellent playing skills also. Love this amp! Thanks James.

toetappin bob
Blackstar ID Floorboard😀 Proud owner of the ID260, ID60H, and HT20 (versatile, small, valve, awesome ) 😀 ID floorboard... the idea being to get rid of the speaker box, and offer the ID TVP or Core engine in a more transportable format.The response from Blackstar UK was 'no R&D in this department'... which is cool... I can see Blackstar are busy making awesome stuff.Roll on 2018...The ID Core range kicks a*se (let's be honest... it leaves the M@rsh@ll Code and F@nder M@stang for dead... plus B@ss K series have plainly ripped this concept)... Can the brains trust @ Blackstar R&D… Read more »
Jareesh Kebab

Does it get loud enough to gig in a conventional rock band setting?

Charlie Goodall

Fantastic demo, really clear, comprehensive and informative. Brilliant playing as well!

Robert Phillips

this sounds a lot more liquid lead tone than the boss katana 50... anyone here compare this to the boss katana 50... is the id 30 tvp warmer less fizzy than the katana for high gain lead tones? p.s. excellent video and playing.

Lorenzo Gnesutta

thanks for your review...do you think it's ok to use live in small clubs or it's necessary to purchase more powerful amp?