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m mtl
just received 20 packs of 10's (RX17) and the high E string has snapped 4 times in less than an hour. Simply can't hold the E pitch after a bend or two. Need to keep winding the gears until snap. And they all snapped half way up the neck around 9th fret. Unusual as before this , I only ever seem to experience breakage (other brand strings that last a lot longer) at the bridge end where it  bends a couple of times (This is on my Tele bridge).Other five strings are pretty good though. Guess the high E's on… Read more »
Giuseppe Cataldo

I've bought the RX19 package (0.11-0.50) and to me it seems that some strings are smaller than the real scale. Also, it seems that the 2nd and the 3th string are the same!

Bob Z

Just bought 4 sets of 10's for five bucks. Hope they have fewer problems than the 9's

Ray Brett
Yes the electric strings are crap ,been setting up guitars for over 50 years ,just had customer bring a Custom Tele with three high quality pick ups to fit ,sorted the electrics went to fit his Orphee strings he provided ,the third string was the wrong gauge ,found an Ernie Ball of the right gauge fitted it ,the response was so much higher with the better quality string ,had the same issues with a Custom Fender Strat with intonation issues ,the owner provide Thoman strings that he buys in bulk around £1.99 a set ,i fitted a quality set of… Read more »
Mark DeAgazio

Dont waste your time or money on these. You definitly get the low quality you get with the low price. They feel dry. Worst of all, they do not straigten out and stay coiled so hard to work with. The b an e strigs are too short for Fender style guitar headstocks. And the high e string, dont waste your time stringing it up — just throw it away and use a quality brand e string — as this one will unravel at the ball end before you get it up to tune.

Shanty Sweets

Love your playing! Thanks for sharing! 🙌

Andreas Nold

Great strings. I use them because I don't have enough money to buy Ernie Ball's all the time. From Aliexpress you can get them for a little bit more than 1 Euro, a whole set. Sadly 11 to 50 is the highest gauge on electric. I'd like them to produce 52s or even 54s. That would be perfect for me.

grizzly 8400

Yea I got fucked over by my music shop those bastard sold them to me for 10 bucks


I do a lot of setups as a business and have broken a lot of 1st strings on the Orphee 9's for electric guitar. Same goes for 3rd strings on Orphee 10 gauge acoustic strings. They both break just stretching them. I mean every time.


I've tried that too...weaker magnetism.......lower output.......yep......snap the 1st string too......not plain steel i guess......no rust so far...

DengSykes Beats

It sounds good it only costs $3 here in our country

Japhet Anciado

They cost 3 times here in my country :/

Peter Schmidt

I was contemplating buying a few sets as the US dollars gone up from the AUD and the GFS sets I was using are just getting more expensive because of it (and add shipping). Thought I'd take a punt and buy some direct. Certainly cheaper than buying singles.

Krešimir Sušec

greetings from Croatia. I have bought Orphee bass set vx-120 for 4.02$ from ebay.
This strings are 50% quieter than regular nickel strings- (d'addario). I have trow them in the garbage. I have order two packets of them ., and know i am 8.04$ poorer
because of this video.

Michael Chiado

I laughed when you snapped the high E and threw 10 pack towards the trash.

Noah's Music Showcase

Do the 10 gauge strings have the same issue as the 9s or do they bend fine?

Enda O'Donnell

Exactly the same happened me but you can always run the string through the string end once or twice and it'll go nowhere 🙂


So is the 10's really good if you play metal and all? I really want to try these out for both acoustic and electric and I'm too broke to buy their high end series

Vu Le

I tried the 11 — 50 set for electric. They do the job . But do yourself a favor and buy more expensive strings. The sound will be a bit better. It makes no sense to save money on the strings, as they play a big part in the guitar tone. 🎸🤘

Basti Ricafrente

Heyy! Quick question? What song were you playing when you were playing the classical guitar??


A liitle bit out of topics, but can I ask what's the title of the song that you've played on the classic guitar?
I've heard the a lot, but can't get any info about the title.

gaspare pellecchia

La mia piccola esperienza con le corde economiche: sull'acustica un po' suonano, sulla classica direi così così. Sulla chitarra elettrica invece ho notato due difetti: le cinesate si spezzano prima ma soprattutto suonano poco, vibrano più sorde. Proverò queste Orphee, magari mi ricredo.😉


does rx17 or rx19 , 010 and 011 ones have any problem breaking like rx15 09's?


go buy 1.80 dollar ones ,QE series , I ordered 2 pack of QE 09's and 2 pack of 3 dollar Professional series


Sounds pretty good to me, maybe you play well 😄

Des Sherwood Guitar Tuition

After reading the comments from people who have tried strings other than the electric 9's that I concentrated on, it seems I should have ended the video after "So, are Orphee's any good? NO THEY'RE SHIT!" Still, I'm glad to have them as I can change strings whenever I want for lessons and practicing and even for recording but I doubt I'd feel safe using them live!


The acoustic is pretty nice though, the electric strings can just go to the recycler.

Michael Zimmerman

I like the sound of the individual string package crinkling

Nicolas Negron

Are The .10 gauge strings like 0.9 gauge of another brands?


I too has bought 10 and 9t but haven't use it yet as now I am on Rotosound but if the E of 9 gauge can break then I still have the extra high E that came along with each pack of Roto 9.

Dominic Dalisay

Would you recommend the .11- .50 gauge? I am planning to buy a pack of 10s now. Thanks!


In the 11-50 sets, the plain strings are a lot thinner than they should.

Shoot, I paid way too much for 2 sets of acoustic 9 orphees. Dangit! 17.00 plus some pics. Where do you find them for under 2 dollars? Man I was ripped off. I'll be returning them for sure. I'm new to guitar so I'm trying to make my fingers last while learning. It's hard to find 9s for acoustic and the high E is like a knife. My action is very high. I have D'addarios right now and they sound okay, feel much better than what came on the guitar and the high E hasn't broke. The next set I'll… Read more »
Michael Collins

Okay there not bad but strings are strings. Personally if you're on a tight budget I recommend the Darco or Elixir plain-steel strings. Or if you're into high-ends I recommend Ernie ball or D'addario strings