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Steve Strummer

Hi Magnus. The sound quality of the demos you make for us is always absolutely top quality. Please would you share your signal chain including which outputs you use on the KPA and how you input to your soundcard/PC. Many thanks!

Jamie Mc Dougall

Nice review. Must say I prefer the cheaper cousin to this pedal, the TC Rusty Fuzz. And not because of the price. It has a bit more “madness” and recreates the old germanium sound quite well.


This channel deserves more subs, IMO. Good job Magnus!

Chris Jeneson

Thumbs up from me as well Magnus, very nice pedal at a very nice price.  As you are speaking English and playing Rule Britania at the end, here is your English pronunciation lesson for today.  Bass is pronounced like case in suitcase.  Bass as you say it is a sea fish!  Nothing smelly about this good revue!