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Elbasan Krasniqi

Can anyone tell me which one is better for blues and alternative indie: Epiphone LSP standard or Squier telecaster classic vibe ?

Perry Fowler

Guitar speechless/   Amp the 20 watt studio HANDS DOWN.

decadepast decadepast

Why can't epiphone make a guitar with white trim?


I wish those would come in Honeyburst. I don't like black Les Paul's.

Tyler Schmidek

Love the guitar! What song is he playing at 0:56? Or could i get tabs? Thanks!

Rob G

I like this guitar. I think I will customise my Epi les paul ebony to this. I just need the pickguard, ring, truss rod cover. BUt I think they missed two things to make this pop... #1 is the tuners. Go with vintage white tuners. and the tone knobs. Going for a nice white/clear style


in that much denial that your little gibson is the same thing as this 500 dollar guitar? :c dawe poor baby


Epi is gibbie... Ouch! its an affordable gibson... literally gibson owns epi.


Yeah, but I can't work now so I have to deal with epiphones ect. ^^ ...and they are even too expensive for me... :/

manu gomes

i am sure about that... i was only givin my opinion. and i´m working hard to spend on a goooood gibby... 🙂


LeaG27 -

revisa aca mismo en youtube y busca videos de pedales como el Boss "Blues Driver" (BD-2), Boss "Metal Zone" (MT-2), o el boss "Phase Shifter" (PH-3), hay otras marcas pero no recuerdo los nombres de los pedales, por separado o combinandolos logras todos los efectos que el tipo uso en el video, aunque el amplificador tambien puede estar aportando algo...

renato flores

tengo esa guitarra quisiera que suene como el minuto 2:28 como lo haceees 😮 y com el minuto 3:27 y como el 1:22 como lo haces brother


So they take a epiphone les paul standard, they put a pearl pickguard and they call that a limited edition !?


it doesn't matter either gibson or epi. As long as you enjoy playing music and put your soul into it, it will sound good no matter what.

Paul Akama

I founded many Epiphone guitars about 200-300$. But I can't prove that this guitars are maded at the factory or in the basement)


The sound is good for the price and the quality. There are some people ( many ) that can't buy a guitar at 2 000 $...and these kind of guitars are great for they. So stop saying that because I'm sure that someone with this guitar can plays better than you with a Gibson. 🙂


This is the best Les Paul you can get in a affordable price, most of Epis (Like this one) contains Grover Tuners. Not like those other cheap LP Copies that got cheap generic tuners that never stay in tune, while this one stays great in tune and never buy a LP Copy! Buy an Epiphone!


I’ve had this guitar for a couple of months now, and I love it!
The guys in my band have played it and they say is sounds great, and plays great too!


I just got this guitar about a week ago. I love it! It’s beautiful, and it sounds amazing!

daniel Poindexter

I find if anyone buys a Gibson it should be vintage, the ones they're spitting out of the factories nowadays are just complete over priced junk.


i feel like once your tone is that dirty, you might as well play Epiphone cuz you're wasting money on a Gibson if you can't hear the subtle difference.

Mark Goldfoos

Come on what the fuck answer the question

ray olson

grosse! And intolerable — the guitar and you! No musicality. Not buying this!


The best demo I've Heard of Thais guitar


In your opinion is this guitar better than a shecter c-1 fr

João Pedro Dolce Panelli

best review of epiphone standard

Reynaldo Espinoza

Porque no explican que pastillas usa la epifhone estudio

Tyler Whitman

Great review! Think you covered it all with this one!

Max Steal

I am confuse between sg g400 and les paul standard?????????????????????

Andy Faith no More guitarist

I own a Reinforced Neck Les Paul Double Cutaway,it rocks! It screams like a horny woman in bed


Someone please tell me what song he plays at 1.32

Anton Håkansson

Buying a used one of these from my local music store tomorrow! Hell yeah! m/