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i have an epi paul. it is every bit as good as my gibson paul. and much more affordable.

Idle Talk

Beautiful guitar! what about the weight of the guitar? this is what my sad spinal column would like to know 🙁

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II in Ebony and it just feels so good to play. It rests easy in my hands and the pick ups don’t sound horrendous, they’re definitely not the best but through my fender amp that little thing can be pretty rocking. I played a full on 2016 (?) Gibson Les Paul Studio and the Gibson honestly blew me away, but would I sell my Epiphone if I got the Gibson? Absolutely not XD. Epiphone definitely can make a solid guitar. Sometimes you may have to play a few different ones to find that… Read more »

I was going to order a Fender MIM HSS strat since the one I was looking at looked so pretty and I love the sound of strats. But then I saw this one and decided to check it out and it seems like this guitar has got more of the tones I want than the strat haha. Nice twang when coil tapped but awesome fat and warm dirt on the humbuckers. This video helped me decide 😛

Angelo J Richetti
Great Demo of a great guitar...i want to say this i have been playing guitar a long time over 45 years i have owned 2 Gibson Les pauls in my Time i have neither today and for good reason i will say they are not what Gibson builds them up to be very weak headstock and this crap their 100% USA made is a load of BS especially the electronics in them it doesnt matter any way anymore where your Guitar is made the Majority of All overseas made Guitars are professional Quality and beautiful Epiphone Les Pauls are the… Read more »
David Bell

Epiphone Les Paul standard plus top pro and the Epiphone Les Paul Custom All day Long over Gibson...

Angelo J Richetti

Epiphone Les pauls over Gibsons and all day long...

Satabdo Majumdar

What do you guys think of this Epi in Hineyburst?

Joseph Greto

nice!!! I own a few... amps, but use my classic 20 head 80 percent of the time

Electric Ritual

Doctor Epiphone is actually a drummer. I have no idea how he got that job. I think the whole concept is silly. Must be another one of Henry's great ideas.

Idle Talk

Hi, what about the weight of the guitar? Thanks


Can't afford a gibson hey ...

No bro just kidin epi are just mater class

Patrick Tracy

I recently bought this exact guitar. Love it. I find I use the coil split more than I thought I would. It's great with clean tones, or low headroom amps, if you want to have some articulation. Very pretty, and I've found no quality control issues at all. It came well set up, and has been super stable in terms of tuning. It's a lot of guitar for the money.

Carson Meyer

I have had my wine red plustop pro for three years and I have looked and upgrading to a Gibson LP a couple times and have yet to find one that makes me want to part with my Epi. The other Epi LP's are second to this model too in my opinion. This is the Epi to get.

I own 2 2012 Gibson Les paul standard ( ebony and blue mist ) ... and while better on some point ... i found that epiphone les paul are very great for the money . both are fun to play ... buy what you can afford . i love my standards as much as the gibson custom shop that worth 5000 + . At one point if you dont care about the finish/top ... go with epiphone , their guitars are very good for the price . One thing i didnt like is the lower range of Gibson ( lpj… Read more »
Ges Si

is the epi plustop pro different from epi standard pro?
Which sounds better?

Ges Si

Hi are there ways to improve a less clear sound from this guitar? I found mine with less clarity

H Kay

I just bought one of these and it's a great guitar.It's way better than I expected.The neck is a touch thicker than the 60s Tribute Plus Top.And despite what some might think, this guitar smokes the Tribute Plus Top...which costs way more.

Tony M

Were you playing Baby Blue by Badfinger in the intro... have you seen Breaking Bad


good review. thank god you didnt jump into a distorted feed but showed the clean side of the guitar.


I have the exact same model bro ... With the same colour

Joey Larimore

Paid $629 for mine its Brilliant just Brilliant!

Dan Hamlett

Just picked up a used 2014 model just like it. These are beautiful.

CasSandra Wilcox

Great guitar for the money 💰 I had that in cherry but I sold it and just got a PRS SE Tremonti 2018 wow now I’m super happy 🎉🎉🎉

Johnny Gonzales

Sorry it’s not a maple top it’s a veneer in other words plywood not a real maple cap like Gibson😜

JaedenMK 2004

I love the look of these guitars, but I just find them so uncomfortable to sit with !!
But I just really want one !! 😞

Sean M

Actually got one on Monday, got it online when it arrived one of the strings were already snapped, didn't really matter cause I was gonna put fatter strings on it anyway. So after cleaning it, polishing the fretboard and restringing it, I plugged it into my Katana and it kept cutting out so I switched to my Marshall dsl and for whatever reason no issue there, sounded and played perfectly, would recommend trying in store first but it is definitely a bargain.

Joe Gibson

I know this video is quite old now but can anyone confirm if the guitar actually looks like this in real life or if the colour is kinda varied


My client showed me his today right out of the box. Looks nice. I tried to buy his damaged model but he had to send it back.

Oliver Blades

I got this les Paul and the fender Stratocaster in the background XD

Elio Lopez

I bought the tobacco burst model Sunday. I can't stop playing it and I'm a Fender guy! You don't need to buy the Gibson. This guitar will suit your needs beautifully

Craig Stratford

Beautiful finish I have the same model but it's darker throughout. I much prefer the dark and light contrast yours has .

Kimball McGary

Why don't you just start with... "I know nothing about this guitar or the pickups and I'm learning how to play... But I'm excited to own the plustop pro"


I’ve had this guitar for about a year, and let me tell you what. This guitar is heavy as hell

John Smith

Does anybody know the difference between a Quilt Top Pro and Plus Top Pro?

Dimitra Betouni

How much yours is weigth my 4.20 kg !?


Just ordered this for delivery tomorrow, very excited. Sounds awesome!

Jimi Bowman

A Brilliant Les Paul ...paid $629 for mine...price go up in 2019 i was told Gibson can not even come close to justifying their prices

Edgar Patlan

I don't think they make them this anymore.

The ones I've seen are more blue. Wish they still made em like this.

Marcos Molina Romero

I have a cherry sunburst srandard pro. What do you think about changing pickups to Seymour Duncan? Is it possible considering the volume controls? Let me know your considerations. Regards

Marcos Molina Romero

I have a cherry sunburst srandard pro. What do you think about changing pickups to Seymour Duncan? Is it possible considering the volume controls? Let me know your considerations. Regards