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Jack Fossett

Hey folks — I've released a new album of all original music! Listen on Spotify!

Ben Hackett

Sounds a lot better than a "beginner guitar" should!

I'd be looking at getting one if I wasn't so stuck on getting the block inlays & set neck.

So I'm looking at getting the G400 Pro.

I have plenty of intermediate guitars that are more than good enough.

Squier, Epiphone & PRS SE, as well as Ibanez have great cheaper models that will hold their own against more expensive models.

John Inama

Nice review, nice playing too. You earned a new subscriber. You have a lot of potential to really grow your channel. Lots of these relatively low-sub account are plagued with poor production and even worse playing. Also, I just picked up one of these and I really like it. I consider myself an intermediate player, too, and it's good for my skill level without paying too much. I'd like to see your take on the G400 model vs. this one.


It's not as bright as I thought it would be, maybe it's the settings. Nice demo.

Istvan De Jesús

One of my favorite guitar body ever. God bless you bro!!!