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Andreas Björkman
The 650R/700T pickup combo isn't even half bad for the price-range, tuners are hit or miss, some get really bad ones others get pretty decent ones. Mine was one of the better ones in this regard, high-E tuner creaks something horrible but they at least stay in tune for a few days typically so that's nice I guess.The fret leveling on these isn't brilliant out of factory, perfectly playable mind but it's not ideal either — additionally some frets may have sharp edges on the sides of the neck, the former of these affected me but fret leveling isn't hard. The… Read more »
James Trujillo

I loved it once I swapped out the tuners which were god awful. But now that I have some Grovers installed I love the guitar more than many other of my more expensive guitars. Just a very good guitar but don't judge it until you swap out the tuners. The pickups shred.

danny christlieb

Great guitar for the price have one it jams stays in tune greats pickups sound great lot of bang for the buck.