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Did you use a toaster as an amp? ffs On what plane--t did you think that this tone was acceptable to do a demonstration of a guitar? I'm calling the police, this is a crime! 🙂

Макс Корсаков

вот еблан все неправильно играет

daniel davis

It sounds amazing but you look so awkward when you play it.


Are my guitar strings on my electric too loose, like damn...how do you hit each string so much without the part where you are slow because you have to look at what string you hit, or wait maybe I just need practice...

Riku Liikkanen

sounds like there's too much gain in the metal rhythm tone, the palm mutes sound muddy and it lacks the attack. with better amp settings it would sound badass

Chris W

What's with all the weird unnecessary hand movement?!

Thomas Larson

i swear out that whole intro if you didnt hear Enter Sandman you are all a bunch of fags!!!

Carrie Gray

Can anyone tell what song he plays in the very beginning?


ugly guitar. regular explorers look so much nicer

kosmas nikolaidis

thats just in case for lp and ep albums recordings

Cesar Rodriguez Gutierrez

Vendemos la LTD James Hetfield a precio muy especial , envios a toda España , Rock And Roll Heaven en Valencia , 963 267 560 , saludos !!


i loved the natural harmonics part you did at @00:12, pretty cool sounding


for a second i thought u were james and then i was like... no tattoos!


the reason he doesn't play the songs the right way is because of copyright issues with the artists... so quit your bitching you obviously know what he is trying to do 


Definitely a lead guy...not a rhythm guy.

Acabei de Fazer

what mic did he used to record this audio? what amp?

Jayjay Merritt

not the hetset? looks like 81 85. better imo


His old tone was the best metal tone ever, now it's just average


What are you using it on?

Any amp? Guitar rig?

Joshua Michilena

These are all really good riffs not something that’s basic like these metalcore bands nowadays

The Egem

am i the only one getting HIGH fret buzz on this guitar?


1:09 — 1:13 How very Van Halen but this is all about Hetfield? o.o There's a lot of Van Halen influence here.

Low Lap

What's the name of the very first song before he goes heavy?


that intro ...a little bit like Enter Sandman

Jacob Samuell

He isn't allowed to play Metallica songs because of copyrights

Bryan Truong

Lol all these songs I thought he was gonna play are all Metallica song, but either somebody taught him the WROOOONG way to play them or he's just playing his own version. I thought I heard Enter Sandman and Creeping Death! XD


I am looking at getting either the LTD Snakebyte of the LTD Iron Cross. BUT, I want a guitar that's more universal. I noticed Hetfield plays multiple guitars for each song he plays. Which would be best to play basically most of their songs as well as some other artists like AC/DC? I really need help! I like the look of the Snakebyte but I feel like songs like Battery and MOP would be easier on the Iron Cross. Someone help 🙁