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Marb's Music

I have the 570 Genesis, just like my Prestige models but w/o a case. I actually really like the new remakes of the V7, S1 and V8. I think the neck could be a little less muddy with distortion but... I had planned to replace mine but just can't bring myself to do it yet, lol!

Aluppo The Swedish meatball

do more starcraft covers please


1:20 ah, but you can answer questions like this with a simple math formula.
Amount of guitars you need can be calculated with:
x + 1

x = number of guitars you currently own.

Dorian Poncela

Great video! So, is this a good guitar to play fast? I mean, in a Paul Gilbert style...


trying to decide between this, a jackson dinky pro or the charvel so-cal (all 2019 models), leaning towards the charvel but apparently out of the 3 the ibanez has the best fr system (edge) thoughts?


The lead piece he played sounds a bit like Spark Mandrill's level in MegaMan X haha

Sickboy Gaming

Great review, good luck with the channel. you deserve a lot more subscribers

Vamsi Krishna

How is the sustain on this guitar ?how long does it sustain with a vibrato ?

Keith Rushmore

Ordered mine exactly like this one from zZounds and pretty psyched! I'm an Ibanez freak anyways 😛

Harry Tadayon

Great review & sick playing! I had the desert yellow 20th anniversary edition & seriously regret selling it. Always wanted the road flare red one more, so gonna need to pick one up. The prestige quality is amazing.

agustin barillaro

Does it come with a case? I want to buy it in other country in my trip


Well. The two big difference points is the 87 has a wizard neck + v1/s1/v2 pickups set. Whereas (2017/18) genesis has the superwizard neck + v7/s1/v8 pickups.

Ibanez could make the genesis in same profile as the original 87. However, it would envolves more costs in the line production to reintroduce a old way manufacturing.

But, in my opinion, about the necks comparison. In spite of super wizard not has the 80’s vibes, it’s more modern and strong.

Otherwise, I think that the old set pickups has a little more “vintage” sound.

Anyway, the genesis it’s a great guitar too.