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Nicholas Rickford Pavlović-Grant

Another gain-y demo. No idea what the guitar sounds like clean or with reverb or just strummed with these reviews that seem to dominate YT.

Lights Over Tokyo

This guitar is amazing, I have one, check the music I made with it, https://youtu.be/8hljpJOIO6o

elmero mero

I got just question ... is there to much difference between the sound of this blacktop n' the sound of a standard strat ?? I'll appreciate someone reply me  t-you =)

Probe Hound
I've owned this guitar for a year and a half and play it every week.  I'll play everything from clean blues to heavy metal.  It's fantastic.  It's got a great feel, looks awesome, but the real beauty of it lies in the variety of tones you get from this axe.  One thing to point out, this video is incorrect concerning what pups are active in which settings.  The correct pup combinations are:Position 1: Bridge HumbuckerPosition 2: Two outer single coilsPosition 3:  Both HumbuckersPosition 4:  Two inner single coilsPosition 5:  Neck HumbuckerPosition 4 gives you an EXCELLENT clean blues tone while… Read more »
Boo Radley

Something that's cool about these guitars that most people probably don't know is that if you changed the faceplate you can use single coil pickups. However, on a stock single coil strat you can't put on a humbucker faceplate on without doing a little bit of wood work.


I would like one in a Vintage White or Cream color.

Mario Gutierrez

I'm gonna buy this strat, I love strats but I always wished they had more bite, this one growls and I love it.


Which blacktop is better for playing pop punk? The telecaster or stratocaster? or could i not go wrong with either one?